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What is that supposed to mean? Did I do something wrong?


No! Oh meh gosh. I was rewriting my reply cause, tbh, it sucked and I completely forgot to repost it. You did nothing wrong. I’m stupid. I’m so sorry!!!

Title: Elysian
Subtitle: Vedi. Vidi. Amavi.
Author: kumquat_babe17
Image idea/ideas: I like simple covers. nothing too poppin. really, i want something that looks like effort was put in but I don’t want so many things that it becomes one big distraction. I adore mighty aesthetics, with either that golden hour feel or very cool, pale undertones. really, if you want to take it, either way, it’s cool. it doesn’t even have to be that. i just like subtle things. i have a few picture ideas that you could use. I’m not sure if putting things in code will work on this, so I’ll try. if it doesn’t just tell me and i can send links. the girls name is Galina Rover. the only usable pictures of her for this type of cover is on her instagram but thats too much trouble if im being honest. if not, you can use another brunette, preferably faceless in that case. because it is set in the late 1800’s it can’t be too modern. ooooooh i feel too picky.
Color theme: either goldish with like ivory and green or very palish muted colors. the pics could give inspo
Cover Type: either simple or manip, however you feel like it should go
Short Summary: Madeleine has known nothing but high society for seventeen years. Her home in England is one of her greatest treasures. But a letter from her brother beckons her family to the states. Packing all of their things, they move across the ocean to a town known as Chicago to nurse Arthur back to health. But as the horrors of american ways leaks into the Lewis household, Madeleine questions whether or not their relocation was for the better. As they fight injustice and the status quo of modernization, Madeleine finds herself tangled in a web of lies and betrayal. thought through all of it, one man stays by her side and reminds her that there is good in humanity
Extra: I am… like so sorry I like dipped without notice. it’s been sitting on my laptop for a couple hours and i meant to post but the incredibles came on and i couldn’t help myself. i will definitely follow you anyway because i feel like crap.
Password: HipHop/R&B


The instagram post:


Oh, :joy: I thought I did something wrong because it’s my first time posting topic. Don’t worry about it :blush:


I’ll try playing around with your idea to see if I can find something appealing cover for you :grin:


Title the year we became people
Subtitle no one deserves to be treated like and aminal
Author kaci Ketteringham
Image idea. Something lab or hospital based, clinical sciencey
Theme clinical, white bright clean cut
short summary, a story about a group of youths created in a lab and experimented on, treated less than human for the way they were made
Code the fray, Coldplay, iris, snow patrol


@Kachi-boi your request is accepted. I’ll work on your cover with the idea you gave and see what I can come up. Give me some time ~ :blush:


That’s great thanks. What would you like as payment?


I actually new to this :sweat_smile: , so, I can’t decide what payment. If you request manip cover, there’ll be a payment, but if you choose a simple or minimalistic cover, there is no payment and credit is mandatory of course. It depends on you but if you want to pay, I can say follow me or read my story will be a pleasure.


@badnewsbears01 Your cover is done. I have made 2 covers while playing around with your ideas :sweat_smile: and I couldn’t really choose which one is suited for your taste. Do tell me if there a cover that you like to use or you want some change on either the first or second cover.


@Kachi-boi Hi, I already have done with your cover but I still do not know what type cover you want, so, I made it a simple one. Do tell me if you like to use it or want to change it. Besides, I came up a couple options for you.


Hello there!

A kind reminder that vote trading, including asking votes/likes/stars for payments, is not allowed on Wattpad :blush: I am going to edit out the “read and like my story” part in your post because that might lead to vote trading.

Thank you for understanding!


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Woah that was so fast. I’m working on the first couple of chapters now so I’ll let you know when the story is posted! Thank you!


They are brilliant thank you, I like them. That was really quick


I’m happy to follow and read. It’s something I enjoy doing so no stress. Minimalist is great for a cover as well


Your welcome, Can I know which one cover you’ll be using? :grin: because I want to send either one of them since you can’t save the cover you want.


The one on the left please