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Thank you for requesting at my cover shop :blush:


Title: Under the Blood Moon

Subtitle: N/a

Author: Stefanie Maxey

Image Idea: A wolf howling at a blood moon

Cover Type: Manip

Short Summary: A sequel, Esmerelda (Blonde hair blue eyes) and Cauis (Brown hair green eyes) return to fight a war against the Anubis’, an extremist group of werewolves that believe because they have the Guild Leaders, vampires should bow down to them.

Extra: Esmerelda is a witch/werewolf


@StefMaxey Your request is accepted. I’ll try playing around with your idea :blush:. Btw, what kind of wolf you would like? Like its colour?


Really any color is fine, just not white


Roger that, :grin:


Title: Stay of Insanity

Subtitle: (optional) The battle’s over, but the war’s just begun.

Author: LigerCat

Image idea/ideas: a silhouette of a teenage boy sitting on a bed with his head in his hands. Preferably from the side.

Colour theme/mood: dark, blacks, dull/muted colours.

Cover type: whatever would wok better. If it’s manip, I’ll follow.

Short summary: I’m not posting it for another few weeks (I just want to have the cover and stuff ready) so I don’t actually have the summary written yet so coming up with this off the top of my head and it’s probably horrible…
It’s a sequel to another book. It’s a sci-fi zombie(mutants)/dystopia combined with psychological themes type thing.
There’s these two brothers who survived the monsters, but one of them went insane. They find a group of survivors and agree to go to this old boarding school where the survivors are living. The morning after, one of the boys is missing the survivors tell the insane one that he came there alone. So it turns into him trying to discover if his brother really is dead/missing and he was just hallucinating him being there or if they’re clichely lying to him for some reason.
Extra: Sorry for not having better info or more details to give you.


@LigerCat Hi, don’t worry about it. Like always, I’ll try playing around with your idea to come up a better cover. Thank you :blush:


@StefMaxey Hi, and this is just a reminder that your graphic has been delivery and is waiting for your response. Do tell me if you don’t want to use it or you want to change it, please. Thank you :grin:


Thanks for accepting. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :slight_smile:


_Hi and thank you very much for choosing my cover shop, here are the covers I have made for you. I, unconsciously, made four covers for you while playing around with your ideas. :joy: Each cover is not so different though and by the way each of the covers are manip type. I hope either of them will be your cup of tea.

Please let me know if you’ll be using it or not and if you would like any changes made. Don’t forget to credit me if you do use one of my covers. :blush:


I like the second to last one, but the subtitle at the top is hard to read in some spots do to the white on different shade of white. Could you change the colouring or positioning of the text there? Thank you.

I also like the way the first two look, but the type of window in the background doesn’t quite work for plot purposes.


No, I meant the one before that one. Yeah, numbers would have make that easier. Maybe I should have said the third one?


Oh, I get it. I’ll try change the position of the font for you. :blush:


Here is your cover, hope you like it. Don’t forget about the payment and credit me.


It looks great! Thank you. I’ve completed the payment and credit will be under the summary when it’s posted.


Your welcome! And I’m glad you like it :smile: Again thank you for choosing my cover shop.


Dear @StefMaxey,
I want to remind you that your graphic has been delivery and is waiting for your response. But, if you don’t respond in 3 days, I afraid that I will use your cover as a premade. Do tell me if you want to use or not, please. Thank you :blush:



Subtitle: A BTS FanFiction

Author: Dramasi

Image Idea: A group photo of bts , with all the members. I would prefer a picture of them without wearing a suit. something casual.

Colour theme : joyous

Cover Type: Manip

Short Summary: Everyone knew BTS was filming in a mini-series in the UK. However, no one really knew the exact area. Lucy is shocked when she founds out that the mysterious neighbours are none other than BTS.

code: Imagine dragons - stuck

Extra: Thank you


Hi, @dramasi,
Sorry for the late reply, I’ll try playing around with your ideas. :blush:


_Hi, @dramasi, thank you very much for choosing my cover shop. Here are the covers I have made. No. 1 is a simple cover while no. 2 is manip cover. I hope either of them will be your cup of tea. _

__Do tell me if there anything you want me to change. :smile: