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aww thanks I love them both . whats for payment:)?


if you choose manip, the payment is follow me permanently. But if you choose simple, there’ll no payment.


Title : Playing The Player
Subtitle : You can’t play with fire without expecting to get burnt.
It isn’t exactly a subtitle. Just something I would like to have on the cover if possible.
Author : Badass Saasha
Colour theme/mood : Joyous or Mysterious (either will do)
Cover type : Manip
Short summary : Everyone has read about a girl falling for a player. But what happens when the roles are reversed? Bella Raven is the biggest player you’d ever meet. When Alex falls for her a lot of chaos follows because as he is falling in love, she is falling apart. And now it is his job to thaw her frozen heart and restore her faith in love.
Extra : I am like really bad at these creative things so I have no idea what I really want. But I love your covers and I leave it up to you how you feel it should be. Thank you!
Code : Rock music.


I will have the second one and payment is done :smiley:


Here is your cover, thank you for choosing my cover shop. :smile:



Hi, your request is accepted. I’ll try playing around with your ideas like always. :smile:


Title: The Half-Coast
Subtitle: The Battlemind, Volume I
Author: T. C. Atchley
Image Idea/Ideas: I’m looking for a Fantasy battlefield type image for the background of the cover.
Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3
Color Theme/Mood: A dark mood, if that makes sense. An overarching sense of dread, for example
Cover Type: I think simple, but if it won’t work in a simple format, then whatever works for you and I will complete payment accordingly
Short Summary: Aromorn Meienas just wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Lightblade, but before he knows it he’s being dragged into someone else’s war and following his aunt and uncle all the way across the Half-Coast, exploring lands he never thought he’d see and battling monsters he didn’t think existed. Life sure is a trip.
Extra: I am a huge fan of rock and of alternative rock, and that kind of music is actually one of my inspirations for my story


Title: Unviable
Subtitle: Drunk on Hope
Author: Pseudo Nomine
Image Idea/Ideas: Two girls holding hands, preferably black and white skin. Modern, this is taking place in the present
Color Theme/Mood: Soft hues, maybe something like beige or warm colors, and no neons please
Cover Type: Simple, but whatever you think is best
Short Summary: Sierra meets a girl names Kendall and she falls in love. They go on several adventures together, trying to understand the world around them.
Extra: P!ATD all the way bois. (Panic! At The Disco)


@theDardanian and @CybillCypher, your requests are accepted. Like always, I’ll try playing around with your ideas. :smile:


Can I know your ideas/ image ideas?


Hi, @theDardanian,
Here are your covers, I always love to make more than one cover if I have a lot of ideas. :smile: Both are simple covers. I hope either of them will be your cup of tea.


Hi, @CybillCypher,
_Here are your covers, both of them are simple. I hope either of them will be suited to your taste. As always don’t forget to credit me ~ :blush:


Title: Honest Book Reviews
Author: Ashlyn Riter
Image Idea/Ideas: A simple cover that looks kind of professional. Perhaps you can put an open book or books on the cover since it’s a review book.
Color Theme/Mood: I would try to make it colorful and have more bright colors so it catches the eye.
Cover Type: Simple
Short Summary: A book that includes reviews and recommendations for books on Wattpad.
Extra: K-pop


Hi, @HonestBookReviews,
Your request is accepted. I’ll try playing around with your ideas to bring out an appealing cover. :smile:


Image ideas as in…?


Image ideas like you want person or something on the cover, background like nature one
or you could give image that you would like me to put in the cover


I don’t want a character on the cover. Not necessarily. Unless you think there should be one. And as I said I am really bad at these sort of things so I have no idea what exactly I want. Oh and is it your birthday? Happy birthday!


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: , I’ll try to crack my mind to let out an appealing cover for you.:grin:


Title: Anastasia
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Brandon Wong
Image Idea: Christmas! Something with that Hallmark vibe. Can be romantic between two people or just something with a snowy, holiday-esque background!
Color theme/mood: colors at your discretion, something romantic
Cover type: simple/minimal
Short summary: As salesman Baker Wilson returns from an overseas business trip, he plans an elaborate Christmas surprise for his girlfriend Marie Belanger back home in New York City.
Extra: Thanks in advance!
Code: Pop all day!


Thank you! I will be looking forward to it.

-Ashlyn Riter