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Hello again, @TockAC,

Your request is accepted. I will see any cover that will suit to your taste.


I’m sorry for the late…It still in progress and I still don’t know when it will be finished because I bit busy lately too. But I’ll assure that it will finish soon, maybe next week.


Title: Aurafall
Subtitle: The Umbral Regalia
Author: G.S. Fernandez
Image idea/ideas: One idea is shards of broken glass, and there’d be a different thing in each shard. So, like a crown is broken and split across two shards, a castle in one, and a planet/world in another, while there’d be some black wisps around? Or perhaps something that’d capture a dark/Antihero tone? This next idea is about the title itself: by now, everyone has seen the Avengers: Infinity War title. You could place the subtitle between two lines similar to what that studio did for their posters.
Color theme/mood: Black & Gold
Cover type: Manip
Short Summary: Prince Valerio Aeterna was sick of being compared to those around him, especially to his elder sister, Empress Serena. One day, he could no longer tolerate it and he decides to leave the Rularian Empire behind and head to a new world with his attendants. However, he finds himself caught in more than a world’s worth of turmoil. While the powerless may believe him to be a savior of some sort, however, the reality is the opposite. Cruel and merciless to all who oppose him, Valerio will rip the world apart, piece by piece.
Extra: I did the payment already. :smiley: And well, if you get any ideas that you think would be an improvement or better than what I suggested, go ahead. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it. Also, take your time. :slight_smile:
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Hi, @ProjectMyst,
Your request is accepted. I’ll try playing around with your ideas and see what cover that I can come out. :smile:


title: Lucial’s moon
Subtitle:I thought I was alone
Author: Landon Harrold
Ideas: A guy in a space suit underwater looking into the distance to see a alien underwater city
Color theme: bright lights all around with bubbles
cover type: Manip
short summary: Zach martin, 13 year old astronaut gets left behind when on a mission on a planets moon, but soon discover a alien underwater city


Your request is accepted. It might take some time as I am going to finish other requests. I’ll try playing around with the ideas. :smile:


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how long do you think until the cover is done


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I will delivery your cover here, in my cover shop. For your cover which is a manip type, it might take time to make…I hope you can be patient. :smile:


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I want to ask if you still want me make your cover as I forgot to accept your request.


Hi, I just want to remind you that your cover are done and are waiting for you.



Hi, I just want to remind you that your cover are done and waiting for you to collect it.


I found it XD


Hi again, your cover is done. I hope it suits your taste. If you want me to change anything in the cover, do tell me.


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Hello, I have done your cover. I hope it suits to your cup of tea. Do tell me if anything you want me to change.


Title: The Sandcastle Girl

Subtitle: -

Author: anamoo08

Image Idea: a girl who sitting alone in the beach with the sandcastle near her.

Cover Type: Manip

Short Summary: About a little girl who left behind in the beach by someone(her mom) but that person said she’ll be back. That lil girl keep waiting, and she made a lot of sandcastle in the beach(thats why she’s known by the sandcastle girl) but her mom never comeback to meet that lil girl. Finally a guy found her, take care of her and short of story they two falling in love

Extra: don’t show up the girl’s face. The girl looks lonely, alone. The cover hv “lonely” feeling on it. And maybe a lil bit mysterious.



Your request is accepted. I’ll try playing around with your ideas. :smile: