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Does anyone else code their own auhor website? Or do you primarily use wordpress? I learned HTML and CSS a while ok, although now I’m really loving Markdown format for personal blog. I tried doing wordpress, but at times found the layout confusing. I was tweaking things so much I found it hard getting writing done.

I mostly use Beaker Browser or IPFS, so I was amazed how easy it turned out to publish a webpage.

Backstory infodumparoo aside. How helpful is it for an author to actually be able to code their own webpage? Most of the authors I see on Twitter generally get by with a word press page. But I’m having to market multiple skills, with novellas, poetry, and articles being a few of them.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


I think social media is where a lot of the interactions go down and a website is where the “home” of the information is, such as where to buy / read books, newsletters, etc.

So I don’t think it’s necessary to know how to make your own site. More marketing comes from interactions. Something simple with information will suffice. With the introduction of easily made sites, such as weebly, wix, squarespace, or Wordpress it’s easier to just get info out there without as much stress about the technicals.

I coded my own website and it’s based on tumblr ( But I also use it for my art portfolio and book blogging.


Wow that’s absolutely lovely. It kind of reminds me of Mara Wilson’s layout.:smiley:

This is my old website: Although I mainly use my Beaker blog at this point. I’d link it, but I don’t think it works in Firefox.:confused:

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Thank you! I just wanted something super simple! I don’t know who that is, so I’ll have to look them up!

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Ah she played as Matilda.

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Wordpress is by far the easiest way to go for a website. I spent years coding my own and Wordpress just takes all that work away. I agree with @Makaylasophia, most interactions these days are social networks, unless you can create content that is interesting in itself and post.on a regular basis.


I actually build websites, like, as a job so yeah I made my own author website. Also, I’m the nerd who nags my author/artist friends to buy their domain names and make their websites :joy:


Interesting. I would except I’m broke as a dead door nail.

I’m beginning to wonder if microblogging is good for my mental health. It’s still not clear whether Mastodon just censored my posts, and is trying to gaslight me saying I’m actling like Alex Jones. Or if it really was a Tusky crash.

But it purged all my followers and following. Also my avatar and banner as well. What the fucking hell?

That’s never happened on Decentralized microblogging to me before.

I use tumblr to fake my own website portfolio.

but i know a lot of people like to use wix o:


I’ve made a few websites that I hosted for free on Github. My wedding website took 2 days to make cost me $1, and that was just for the domain registration. Honestly a great, lesser-known option if you know HTML/CSS and don’t want ads, watermarks, or restrictive site builders. Github Sites also integrates with a framework called Jekyll which is easy to use if you’re comfortable using the command line.

Microsoft recently bought Github though, so the tools may improve or may be completely nerfed in favor of paid options. Could go either way.

Google Sites (the old version), Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, and Tumblr are all viable options if you don’t want to rely on coding and don’t mind the restrictions/lack of customization. Of those, I feel like Squarespace and Wordpress have the most flexibility for people that know some markup, but Wordpress code is kind of a mess and can be annoying to untangle if you want to do anything more advanced.

There’s lots of options out there. I think the most important part is just being searchable. If people want to see your work, it’s best if they can find it easily, right?


If you are looking for something simple, more of a hub of social links and some other options, carrd is a newer option. I use it to keep my links updated (in addition to my main site).

Here’s my example:


Looks good :slight_smile: I like how clean and straightforward it is. A lot of the time, a landing page is all you need!

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Thank you! That’s my favorite thing about it! It can easily be edited with different sort of links, too (like where I have mine listing blog and portfolio) if you want to bring more attention to a certain link, such as a blog post, YouTube link, news, etc. It can be as simple or as big as you want it.

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Yea it looks great. I’d show mine but I’d have to both turns on the localhost, and boot localtunnel to port forward it. Sometimes that takes a while. But I can do a screenshot…

Actually booting it took less time than I thought it would:

I’ve started embedding the iframe of my Mastodon instance on there. I’m really enjoying learning how Markdown language works.

With sites like wordpress and Tumblr (also deviantart if anyone has experience there) is it worth investing investing in premium packages?

I’m using wordpress currently because it seemed the easiest for me to set up/do basic customisation without too much hassle since even looking at code gives me a rash.

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I coded my own, and I coded my own for my business, but I don’t think it’s all that worth it unless you’re passionate about crafting something unique to you, or already know how to code. A lot of my marketing happens across the social media board rather than on my websites.


I created my website on Wordpress though a YouTube video by Tyler Moore. He helps modify existing themes and tailor them to your needs, and there is also some coding. I found it very helpful.

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I hadn’t planned to build an author site, but changed my mind after Joanna Penn, Jane Friedman and Penguin Author News all recommended it. Unfortunately I’m dirt poor so I had to use NeoCities, but they let you use javascript and whatnot so I was able to add code I wouldn’t have been able to use on a free Wordpress blog. I’m happy with the result! ٩(˘◡˘)۶


Ahah! That must have been who I was thinking of, when I heard some self-pubs recommend it.

It’s not that I don’t have the skills, it’s just building a site from hacker CMS caters … to a different audience they say wordpress.

Although I’ve managed to integrate wordpress into my hacker CMS markdown site.

You manage to figure out how to customize the CSS? I only figured that out recently.