Author's note and Quotes?



When you write a story, do you ever write Author’s note in a separate own chapter or every plot chapter just to make notes or neither at all?

If every plot chapter, do you write it first or at the end of the plot? Is A/N even important or distraction to readers?

And lastly do you write quotes in your stories like some authors do?


Back in my writing time I always write A/N from both own chapter or in plot chapter. I don’t think I made it long and distracting but I might be wrong as I’ve been on hiatus : P

Do I write quotes? No.


I write an author note at the bottom of my chapters in an attempt to engage my reader, like,

What did you think of that huge truth bomb?!


Do you think Beth should trust Clark?

I don’t do quotes, though.


Only at the end of novels, but maybe doing them more often would encourage engagement :thinking:


If/when I have an author note, it’s at the end of the chapter. Never in the middle of the book unless it’s an announcement about the book going on hold for any reason (and then I delete it once the next real chapter comes)

The only time I’ll have a author note on it’s own is at the end of the book. That’s usually ramblings about my thoughts on the book I just finished and letting people know what’s next or if there will be a sequel since people always ask if there will be a sequel.


I usually only put A/N when I am thanking someone for a graphic, and then I might add something like:

How are you enjoying it so far? Aren’t these graphics amazing! If you liked this chapter please remember to vote and comment!

I never put A/N in the middle of a book. It’s almost always at the bottom so its not to distracting.


I write an A/N at the bottom of each chapter, but never in a separate chapter unless it’s really serious.

And I never plot. heheh…

Get rid of the damn quotes. I don’t care about them. I don’t want quotes, poems, something someone else said, or word definitions. Just get the story on .-.


My A/N were always useless thank you’s for reaching some amount of reads or votes, so I don’t write them anymore. Quotes? I don’t do them. Just in the blurb of my poetry collection I have two lines from a poem. That’s about it.


Sometimes I put A/N’s on the beginning of chapters, sometimes at the end, but never in the middle. And I don’t think it’s necessary to make a chapter JUST for an A/N unless it’s at the end of a book or really, really important.

Even though quotes might be useless, I kinda like them- it’s like a foreshadowing kind of thing, I would say~ (but I never wrote any in my stories)


If the author’s note is extensive, then putting it in its own chapter is a good idea. Your readers who care about such things will read it. A lot of readers don’t bother reading author notes, and this will make it easy for them to skip it. However, if it’s really important that your readers read it before the story, then include it at the beginning of your chapter, and keep it brief. Make your point and move on.

I usually read author notes, but if it’s long and rambling, and I have no idea where they’re going with it, then I skip it. I care if they want to tell me to forgive the bad grammar, or if they don’t know whether a character should do what they did. I don’t care if the author thought of this story one day when they were walking their cat through a park and they saw a flock of birds fluttering past, which reminded them of dinner at Grandma’s house last year when those birds landed in her pond. This makes me think the story is going to be pointless and rambling as well, so unless you have a specific message for your reader, better to skip the note altogether.

A lot of people like quotes. I personally find them annoying. I want to get on with the actual story, not waste time on some words taken out of context and written by somebody else.


I put a short A/N at the end of my chapters, just to ask questions and to engage the reader.

I sometimes use quotes either right at the beginning of my story, to set the tone, or right at the end, to finish off the work.


I only put my A/N at the end of the book and I have explained my reasoning over on my rant book so i won’t bore you with details.


I don’t do quotes. I usually don’t do author’s notes, either.

Yes, I am a minimalist/depressing person.


Was that long example of author’s note just your idea or someone literally wrote that? :joy:


Do the questions work?? :fairy:t5:


I will leave author’s notes sometimes. I try not to. But if I do, it’s apologizing for no editing (which happens often during the school year… I’m an English major, I edit enough stuff), giving some background information as to why I did certain things (this is usually at the end in it’s own separate part), or a quick little thing that people might find entertaining (i.e. “y’all ready for this? Cause I ain’t!”).

Some writers of stories that I know write a bloody essay at the end of every chapter, and I find that kinda annoying.


It honestly depends if you have a readership/dedicated readers. For my first story, it did. But for my current one, only some readers engage because my readership isn’t very high.


I’m now reading a book called The Famoux and there’s only been one chapter that didn’t have an AN at the end that was longer than 100 words. There’s a 100-200 word AN at the top, and then a 300-600 word AN at the bottom for shout-outs, if not more ;-; nearly every single chapter. And then you have the FMXFollowup chapters that are practically author’s notes scattered throughout the book


Asking questions about your story will yield a response once in a great while, but I mostly include a quick (sometimes funny) reminder at the end of each chapter for them to vote. This is more effective than asking for comments. Voting is easy. Commenting is much harder, since a lot of readers don’t have anything to say, or are better at reading than writing English.


Thankfully that was my own made-up example. XD