Awesome Scifi Ideas No One Has Thought Of Before

Although, a difficult task, what are some completely new ideas for science fiction? Can we disprove them being new ideas? Are you writing this idea? Share!

The one I will be working on is actually in the subgenres of YA and dystopia. It involves a futuristic setting in which experiments and evolution over time have developed man-eating plants when food for all life is scarce. Now, humanity attempts to survive inside a concrete city.

An awesome idea I had recently involves light-speed travel. A race-car driver and seven scientists are recruited to save Earth from global warming caused catastrophe by inducing a second Ice Age. They must plant atmospheric converters on the planet’s surface (which is extremely altered by intense heat) and they use the untested travel method to circle the globe. They stop very briefly above their six deployment spots, creating six splinter versions of each crew member. The scientists all develop a psychosis diagnosed as Light-Speed Mania and try to sabotage the mission, while the race-car driver is unaffected due to him being used to travelling at high speeds.

Also, it’s funny your story involves man-eating plants because one of the deployment locations from my story is inside an enormous amazon where plant-life has evolved enough to be able to attack its prey. Great minds think alike :slight_smile:


How does the use of light speed travel lead to saving Earth from global warming? Why are a race car driver and these seven scientists the best people to do it? The speed of a car is quite slow in relationship to the speed of light.

Imagine: everything is normal except, guns are lizards and lizards are guns


The atmospheric converters must be activated at the same time and due to Earth’s state they could easily be dismantled so if they are set and activated around the same time that would increase the success rate of the mission, and recruiting the race-car driver is a fail-safe ploy in case travelling at light-speed is dangerous to those not used to high-speed travel. Yes, it is much slower, but I tried to think of who would be most used to travelling at high speeds and race-car driver seems to be the most logical.

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Just one word.



Do I understand that we are to redefine the word “lizard” to mean projectile weapon and “gun” to mean reptile?

lol :slight_smile: furries are quite popular, though I’m not sure it is the future. Could be.

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This doesn’t seem to solve the problem of climate change. I understand it’s an economic problem having to do with putting too much carbon into the atmosphere.
The solution is on one level complex–how to distribute resources. On another very simple: plant trees, air dry clothing, turn the thermostat down. It seems to my the plot has little to do with the problem and even less with solutions. For high speed travel I suggest pilots of fighter jets. But you just can’t subject the human body to more than about 10 g.

Good point, I am going more for suspension of disbelief. Though you are correct, I may have to rethink my strategy.

I have a general idea about a giant walled city with places called ‘the slats’. Technically only those who can afford to live in the city and get vaccinated against the strange viruses that have begun to spread can stay in the so called “City of Ash”
And my main character discovers places where you can see people outside of the city.

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Hm I think it all comes down to what you’re aiming for. If its a race-car driver in high speed scenes maybe leave out climate changes. Aiming for climate change maybe leave out the race-car driver.

The travel method is very minor in terms of page count, I feel cooling down the climate with snow and ice is a viable short-term answer to global warming. This is an anthology connected by certain characters and I chose a race-car driver because a character from an earlier story watches a racing event which introduces the race-car driver’s father.

Just one answer - H. Beam Piper: Little Fuzzies

How does the cool down work?
A giant freezer would produce more heat than it would absorb. Both because of how a freezer works and because when water freezes it releases heat. This is the wonderful thing about water and how it regulates temperature.

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While processes to remove additional CO2 from the atmosphere are germane, There are other immediate ways to reduce heat, in a sort of emergency - band aid way that could require coordination of that scope, though trees seem to do well absorbing it without a lot of coordination., and race car drivers as opposed to the phone so on, might not apply well. But, deployment of some configuration of solar shields (Space parasols) in orbit could selectively reduce heat reaching the earth from the sun, keeping temperatures down. The problem that would address is not climate change, but weather, and growth cycles. Shield activities would have to be carefully monitored to avoid Weather disturbances, ice ages, crop failures, lots of things some agency might be tasked to identify early and challenged to face quickly.
There would certainly be an avenue for a climate detectives agency!

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Interesting. I am not well-versed on climate change solutions, except that a vegan diet is the best way to alter the effects.

There are some arcology books, the reasons for them differ, but all were fascinating, as is the concept itself:

Could be. It’s worthwhile to use a carbon footprint calculator. You can find the online. You’ll need your utility bills, how the milage per year of your car and the square footage of your home, I did it and found that cutting down on my natural gas usage was the easiest change. I also need to finishing swapping out my lights with LEDs. For absorbing carbon I’m going to look into purchasing carbon offsets. That’s going to take some research.
I’m not sure if arcologies are a good way to go since they involve big infrastructure changes beased on ideas that haven’t been tested out. They’re likely to go the way of other failed utopias and use up resources along the way. But they are interesting from a sci-fi perspective.

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