Azanthiel's Solo Covers Thread [Closed]

Welcome! Here I’ll be making book covers for your stories. This is a no-commitment thread which means I’m under no obligation to accept/ deny your request (although I will try to give you a response along these lines so you’re not kept waiting unnecessarily) and in return you can also request at other places (as long as the other designer allows it) :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m trying to be more ‘professional’ in my design, so requests with published cover inspo are more likely to be accepted.

My only payment is credit if you use, however if you really like it a follow would be appreciated.

To request, please fully fill out the form below. For advice on how to fill out the form, you can check this thread.

Book Title:
Subtitle (optional):
Ideas (at least two):
Your book summed up in two-three sentences:
Inspo (this is compulsory):
Anything else:

Thanks if you request!

P.S: If anyone’s just coming here out of curiosity, feel free to come chat XD


More examples can be found in my portfolios via my wattpad profile (



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Hey, just a curious being and wanted to know if you created all the covers pictured above? (Cause if you did, they’re all super cool! :sunglasses::sunglasses:)

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@Blue_Tongued_Lizards Hi! Yep, I did - thank you! :smile:

@hatefuls33 Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Book Title: Jaiyana’s Cover Contests
Subtitle (optional):
Author: Jaiyana S. Keenum
Genre(s): random (graphic contest book)
Mood: the mood should be neutral
Ideas (at least two):
(1) Just a plain or gradient background and text, with the title in a cursive (handwritten) font.
(2) Same as idea #1 but replace the plain background with a swirly or paisley pattern.
Sorry if they sound vague, but they’re what match the style of the request.
Your book summed up in two-three sentences:
Inspo (this is compulsory): (I picked these as inspo as the remainder of the covers in the below mentioned account are all really minimal, text-based.
Anything else: is it a problem if it’s not posted yet? I’m gonna set up a graphics contest on my alternate account @Jaiyanakeenum37

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@hatefuls33 I had a go at your request! Not my usual style but was an interesting one to try - I was fiddling around with this for ages :joy: Hope you like it - let me know if you’ll be using and if you do remember to credit!


Lovely! Thank you so much, I’m gonna use it.

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I’ll stay subbed since I may request for more

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Glad you like it and thanks ^-^

I’m freaking out over here because your covers are awesome and the opportunity to have one for my story is actually amazing.

Book Title: Strange New Eyes
Subtitle (optional):
Author: Xenoclea
Genre(s): high fantasy, dark fantasy
Mood: dark, kind of unsettling
Colours: shades of red, black, gray, white, yellow, maybe dark green-grays in there too if you think it looks nice
Ideas (at least two): I really love your text-based covers! A cover with the title as the focal point would be very cool, I think. For text, something like these kind of runic or scratched-looking fonts (1 2 3) might look nice (obviously not those exact ones because money). Background could be anything, but some of my ideas include a circle of pine trees, mountains, predator teeth, skulls, or bones, veins, blood, or snow. A border around the font would be nice as well!
Your book summed up in two-three sentences: When a blood mage girl’s brother is poisoned by the wolf-like monsters that live in the mountains of her world, she knows that only they will be able to save his life. She agrees to use her magic in service of the monsters on a dangerous quest across the realm in order to save her brother, but discovers that the monsters are not as monstrous as they seem.
Inspo (this is compulsory): 1 2 3 4 (I know these all look very different, but I like the way the font blends into the main picture and looks like veins in the 1st, the border and background texture in the 2nd, the font of the 3rd, and the font as the focal point in the 4th).
Anything else: Thank you so much for the opportunity to request from you!


Thanks for requesting! :heart: I’ll try it out - looks interesting! :slightly_smiling_face:


Book Title: My Shocking Life
Subtitle (optional): As a Teenage Girl (could you put it below the title, please?)
Author: Leighyeann A. Mies
Genre(s): short story/teen fiction
Mood: the mood is romantic and hopeful, but also a little melancholic
Ideas (at least two):
(1) Like the first and third inspo cover and the current cover. Have a close-up of a blonde-haired girl, preferably not smiling. Make her lips red (and, if possible, her eyes glow). The text should be in a simple, neat (or at most cursive) font.
(2) Like the second inspo cover. Have a silhouette of a girl and add hearts and doodles (or whatever you think suits better). In this case, the text should be in a nice cursive or handwritten font.
Your book summed up in two-three sentences: 14 stories of young girls who find love purely by chance
Inspo (this is compulsory):,204,203,200.jpg | |
Anything else: this story is posted on @leighyeann

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Book Title: The Mobster’s Incite
Subtitle (optional): The blood they spill but love they keep
Author: DownwiththeHush
Genre(s): Romantic/drama/mobster
Mood:mysterious/violent/ Fearful/love
Colours: black, white, and red
Ideas (at least two):

1.I would like the main guy and girl next to each other on the cover, I was thinking maybe black and white with New York city below them

2.the title have the word “Mobster’s” in red or blood spatter.

Your book summed up in two-three sentences:

Xyriana, Samara, and Kyria are three successful friends that are living it up in the big apple. Between Xyriana’s best-sellers and Samara and Kyria’s practices life for these three women could described as content. However, things go south for the trio when their normal coffee get-together is interrupted by a robbery. Unexpected new love interest enters Xyrianna’s and Samara’s lives, both beautiful men but filled with secrets. What adventure can a Russian and Italian men bring to the table? From now on life for the three women will never be the same as secrets, danger, and new loves influences their next move.
Inspo (this is compulsory):

Anything else: I would like David Gandy(in a suit) and Beyoncé(in a dress)

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Book Title: The Huntress

Subtitle (optional): Can a woman deceive even those closest to her and survive? (if it’s too long or doesn’t fit, feel free to leave it off).

Author: Zuzanna Darkbloom

Genre(s): Historical Fiction

Mood: A sort of middle medium. Not bright and happy, but not too sombre.

Colours: Purples, Blues, Reds. I’m not too picky on color.

Ideas (at least two): A female pirate, with pirate ships behind her, or on a deck or something. She’s masquerading as a man so preferably nothing sexyish. I imagined her sort of hard cut like Octavia from The 100 (though don’t necessarily have to use her). Here’s my current and last cover. If textography, something with nautical themes.

Your book summed up in two-three sentences: Bronte’s been masquerading as a man in Port Royal l, Jamaica, in the 17th century. After her last captain discovered her gender, he booted her off his ship. She steals another man’s ship, and he tries to hunt her down.

Inspo (this is compulsory): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Anything else: I am an awful requester, I’m sorry in advance.


Thanks! I’m excited to see what you come up with!

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Book Title: Every Last Regret

Subtitle (optional):

Author: Allie Dawn

Genre(s): Teen fiction

Mood: darkish

Colours: night, blues

Ideas (at least two): a blonde girl not looking happy standing in front of a house or on steps. Meant to be where her parents were murdered so a dark feel. Faceclaim is Sabrina Carpenter but it can be any blonde. I’d love for her to look grungy, maybe even like Taylor Momsen.

Your book summed up in two-three sentences: After her parents were murdered, Brenna is tossed into foster care.

Inspo (this is compulsory): I really like the look of this

Anything else: Thanks in advance!


Hey again! I have a novel that could really use a better cover and I think something in your style might suit it.

Book Title: The Tag Bearer
Subtitle (optional): The job no-one wants
Author: Hollie Wilson
Genre(s): Sci-fi, Dystopian/apocalypse
Mood: dark, but not too dark
Colours: red, black

Ideas (at least two): I was thinking of incorporating the flag that is described in the book except it burning. (The flag is a dark red and has a black skull with an angel wing either side (angel wings are also black))
My second idea is to have one of the Drones pictured on the front except have it emitting a red light. Here’s a description from the novel: They were only the size of a bowling ball. You could pluck them out of the sky and comfortably stuff them into a backpack if you were game enough to take one down. A high definition camera was built into one end of the Drone. It emitted a blue scanner, which videotaped the environment below.

Your book summed up in two-three sentences: It is post war and a newly formed government is in charge of the clean up process. They force survivors to do the dirty work and with it the main character, a young teenage girl named Ellie Young, is given a job as a designated city tag bearer, where she places tags on dead bodies. It soon ends up with her being taken by the government to a facility where she is wanted by her grandfather for personal reasons.

Inspo (this is compulsory): Current cover:
Drone: something similar to this:
Angel skull:
Anything else: Font is entirely up to you. However, I do want it to be rather dark and cynical so that it catches the eye and will make people read it. (If that’s possible? example would be similar to the cover you have of the demon dog)


Book Title: Frostbite
Subtitle (optional): A Pathfinder Backstory
Author: K.V. Torre
Genre(s): High Fantasy
Mood: Dark
Colours: Blues and Blacks
Ideas (at least two): Something similar to the cover you did for Embers (in your beginning post) but with ice or snow or water (either of them work) would be fitting. I do enjoy covers like those. Or you could do something with how Prissa looks. She is a gnome with long silver hair (usually in a braid for fights), and it has a blue streak. Her eyes are ice blue (they changed after her incident). This is the best photo I can find to give you an idea of her appearance: OR just an image of a small northern winter village. Whichever idea is more interesting and fun for you to make!
Your book summed up in two-three sentences: The backstory of my Pathfinder character: Prissa, a gnome sorcerer, whom lost her village to water elementals who rose from the bay. She survived, touched by the elementals she is blessed/cursed with an elemental bloodline which allows her to have cold magic.
Inspo (this is compulsory): The cover you did for Embers.
Anything else: I haven’t posted this story yet, I’m still working on it as it’s just going to be a single part short story. If this is an issue then I can wait until I post! Love your work :blush: