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-If you have any special request with a plot please let me know and I will do my best to edit that request into a plot.
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-A credit in the summary or a chapter would be appreciated, but you must follow or I will not allow you to use the plot. If you do use the plot without following then trust me, things will not be nice. You have been warned.

Plots will be listed below (they are currently unedited, but you will understand the gist.

Premade plot one

Title: Jamie
Genre: Teen Fiction
Plot summary: Jamie Adams is an eighteen-year-old living in suburban Boston. She is in her very last year of high school and is, for a lack of a better word, struggling. She has a lot on her plate with her mother working as a full-time nurse, hardly getting any sleep with a night job shift and school, and caring for her little brother with down syndrome. Jamie has no time to think for herself especially with her basketball skills seemingly to go down the drain.

Jamie has already failed one year of high school as she repeats senior year again, due to her father cheating and her mother picking up and leaving with Jamie and her brother. Now hardly struggling to pay the rent for their two bedroom apartment and Jamie’s brother growing older and more unaccepted by society, Jamie feels stuck.

In comes Paylin Cook, gang leader and well-known drug dealer of the ugly ally ways of Boston. He has always, with a glint in his eye, liked to watch Jamie ever since she showed up playing basketball on his part of town. When he is about to go tell her to bug off he realizes the talent she has, and once he followers her home he unravels a story he should have never entered.

Jamie just wants to go to college and make sure her brother and mother are well, but one question remains. How will she do it all?

PremadePlot Two

Title: The Baseball Player Accidentally Hit Me In The Head With a Baseball Bat
Genre: Teen fiction/romance
Plot Summary: When someone asks me, “Hey are you the girl Aaron Carter hit with the baseball bat that one day,” I reply simply with a small smile and, “Yep that is me.” Now let me summarize exactly what happened, I was walking towards Samuel Zare during baseball practice because, you know, he is my best friend since diapers. However, I kind of missed where he was — by a long shot. I ended up on the field, during practice, and right near where the batters were.

Well, I, being the amazing bookworm I am, kind of got on the field simply so enwrapped in this book. Now before I do anything I could feel the big baseball bat hitting my big great ol’ noggin and well let me just say that book is now all dusted up. I mean I was reaching for the book while blood was rushing out of my nose and I was dizzy as anything. I mean for Pete’s sake it was a library book! Do you know how expensive those are to replace?

Well that was one year ago and now I am permanently scarred on my right cheek due to the bat actually breaking off, might I add, and part of the wood going into my cheek. I guess you can call me Harry Potter right?

The issue is Aaron has not even apologized, in fact, he has put my name under the list to hell. I mean, sure I accidentally walked behind him as he was swinging and sure I broke one of his bat’s, but I mean no sorry?

Yet, there was something that I have under my belt, something that I only saw that Mr.Goodie-two-shoes was doing. That something is that as I was looking for my best friend in the guy’s locker room, as most the guys are pretty accepting of me, I saw Aaron alone and you know what he was doing? Steriods.

Premade Plot Three

Title: Hurricane Katrina
Genre: Werewolf
Plot Summary: Katrina Delrosia has her whole life set ahead of her with gold in her near future. She is planning to go to Yale, a decently long flight from where she resides in Italy. Born in Italy, but migrated to the United States at a mere two years, Katrina learned English naturally whilst keeping her Italian culture prominent.

Katrina moved back to Italy as a junior in high school, due to her family’s wishes, to live with her ill grandmother and to spend her grandmother’s last few years with her.

However, one night before Katrina sets off to the airport, there is a break in. Her grandmother is killed and Katrina gets — bitten? Katrina is confused as she sits there talking to the police telling them what she saw, yet it is as if she is speaking of mythical creatures that do not exist. Heck, Katrina even shows the bite mark, but it is gone like it simply just healed up.

The police want to hold Katrina back before her trip, but Katrina insists to go and escape what just happened. Left in shock, Katrina ends up going across the seas and when she gets off the plane she is sure that everything is over.

However, her Uber Driver brings her an increasingly strange way to the university and truth be told she never makes it as her Uber car is mauled by creatures that Katrina has seen once in that very break in. Unlike last time though Katrina is shocked, to say the least, when she is dragged kicking and screaming from these creatures.

When she eventually gives up and passes out she wakes up in a cell that belongs to a dungeon as if it were from a kingdom far far away. Confused, Katrina learns that she is indeed trapped and that she is trapped by werewolves showing that she was not paranoid. Yet, what is worst is that these wolves want her dead.

That is only because she too is a werewolf passing in their land. Shocked and scared for what is to happen, Katrina keeps her ground and makes sure she fights to stay alive with every inch of her changing body. This set of kidnapping wolves recognize this young stubborn pup as Hurricane Katrina. An unwilling force of nature to truly be reckoned with.

Premade Plot Four(a personal favorite)

Title: Divided
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Mystery
Plot Summary: Three siblings. One seventeen, female. One sixteen, male. One fourteen, male. They were driving back along a road trip with their family all in one car, you know how that goes? Argue, complain, eat, eat some more, argue, nap, play I-spy, so on so forth. Coming from their grandparents down in Florida they had a long drive ahead of them all the way to Ohio. While crossing a highly busy area on spaghetti junction in Atlanta their car gets hit by a large 18-wheeler.

There were no survivors, well so they thought. Both parents died instantly, the seventeen-year-old died of severe trauma minutes after being in the ambulance, the sixteen-year-olds body was found off a nearby side road, and the fourteen-year-old passed away two hours after reaching the hospital with just too severe of injuries.

Yet, all of them find themselves awake a day after their funerals in three separate places of the world alive, breathing, and beyond confused. The seventeen-year-old resides in what she believes is a rural town in Italy, the sixteen-year-old believes he is somewhere in the busy streets of Poland, and the fourteen-year-old is found in a Hindu community in India.

Yet the children all find themselves very much different from who they were before, most certainly in their own DNA. They all are no longer human, each carrying a different paranormal feature about their beings.

The seventeen-year-old has found out when she is in danger she turns to stone, quite literally. Her saviors finding her morphing from a titan of stone to a mere girl unconscious on the forest while looking for a good place to camp. Soon after they name her *guardiano di Pietra *, meaning stone guardian as well as taking it into their own hands to get her well and figure out what has happened.

The sixteen-year-old male has a condition that resides most commonly as the mystical illness of lycanthropy. Yet, he too is the first of the kind, whenever a moon is out in all its full glory or when he is life or death he changes into a beast of the moon’s rays. His saviors find the boy battered and bruised as well as garbling random phrases they have never heard of. Taking him in secret and resting him to health in their own basement, they do not realize he is different until that one night as they watch the boy transform with their own eyes. He, well, kind of tears everything in that basement from head to toe. They name the boy *Wilk *, mean wolf in polish.

Then there is the fourteen-year-old, he wakes up to being strapped down on a tree trunk as the men threaten him with weapons and the women look at him with sad eyes. The shaman of the village takes him under his wing with his older wife, it only took the little boy one look in the mirror to realize why the village was threatening him. His eyes had turned deep ruby as markings along his body that seemed most demonic made him look like Satan himself. It only takes one village attack and the near death of the shaman to make him see that he may be a demon itself. The viewers saw a boy turn into a monster with: scales, fangs, claws, telekinesis abilities, and a thirst for blood in a mere four seconds. Unlike his two siblings the boy struggles with this found ability much more, the power overrides his body nearly half the time losing control. The Shaman names the boy Yoddah, meaning warrior in Hindi for his saving of the village.

Yet, there are two commons among all. One is that they are all no longer human as well as the search for answers to the limitless questions they have. Two is attempting to find each other, because there is one voice in all their heads, sounding different for all, saying that their brother or sister is alive.

So the question becomes, what do they do now?

Premade Plot Five

Title: Hydrophobic
Genre: Teen fiction, romance, and coming of age
Plot Summary: It all started when I was getting my first bath, I was an infant just born and I needed to get cleaned. Ten minutes after I got out of the water I broke out in hives. I was told I could have died, but I would not be telling my story for anything if I were dead?

Right — I found out a day later that I was allergic to water. Not severe, but hive worthy. In the end, my showers were for at most two minutes, if not, I would break out in hives. Let me tell you those hives cannot go away with an epi-pen, they remain for up to a day, painful and irritating.

My parents obviously struggled with this knowledge leading to my mother dropping her job to care for me 100%. I remained homeschooled for all my life while living off a strict diet and limited water. The way I would stay hydrated is every night before bed I would put in my iv-drip putting water like subsistences in my body so I would not die.

My name is Angela Likova, Russian obviously somewhere down that timeline, I am seventeen and thanks to financial issues I am now being forced to public high school for a year. I have no social skills and no knowledge of how this whole high school thing works; I might as well consider myself screwed. My mom will now go back to work to help pay the bills and I will be forced to interact, something I never have done. What can I say, I’m the teen severely allergic to water who has not social interaction my life.

As the years go on my allergy seemingly gets worse, doctors predict I have three years to live before my own body kills me. I mean, the water in me will kill me, since humans have water in them naturally.

Question is, what do I do now? Do I remain the awkward allergic kid for this whole year, or do I suck it up and achieve going to Michigan State? Man, am I in for a journey.

Only going to be doing five premade plots at a time. There are more in the back. Please let me know if you want a specific genre premade and I can go searching through some files to see what I have.

As always,
-Ari :heart:


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Can I send you the plot I have so far, fill out the custom plot form and complete payment and get your help to make a plot based on what I have so far and you opinions on what would make it the best it could be? I won’t guarantee I will use all of them but I would like to hear your ideas and will give you credit for helping me.