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I hope that helped a bit, I need to understand the general summary. Haha.


Yeah I’m working on getting it to you. Sorry it’s taking a long time. Rue looks in the office and doesn’t find the gloves. This leaves her with no idea where they might be. She looks in the empty classrooms in the empty halls and after looking at two classrooms and finding nothing leading her to the right gloves she frustratingly goes to her locker to scream out her frustrations like one screams into a pillow. She takes her backpack with her which contains her lunch, her books, her other school supplies, her baseball bat, a baseball and a few band-aids. She finds a paper bag in her locker that she did not put in. It suddenly starts moving. She gets ready to back away but the contents, sentient rotten apples, literally crawl out the bag. They attack Rue and pin her to the ground by her shirt. Rue manages to pull out her baseball bat and uses it to smash the apples off her. Unfortunately their smashed remains mesh together to create an apple mush monster as soon as she gets up.


Hun. You can PM the plot, okay? I just need a central idea of what this is about, alright?


Falling asleep during detention is a good idea. Time can pass and it lines up with the fact that she had trouble falling asleep last night.

The apple monster attacks Rue with the arms it continually grows and morphs. Rue is hesitant to attack back since smashing it was what created it in the first place. Eventually she gets an idea. She takes out a water bottle from her lunch and squirts the water on the monster causing it’s pieces to be unable to come together. After a brief moment Rue hears the sound of movement that for once is not her own. She turns around and sees rotten apples and mutated rodents that Rue sees traces of mice, rats, gerbils, spring hares, chipmunks, and mole rats come after her. Some rodents have the gloves she is looking for. She makes a mad dash for the gymnasium after she manages to snatch the gloves from the rodents. She mentally notes that she might want to barricade the door but there isn’t any time. Using the instructions from the book she finds out how to fix the fuse box. The time it takes to fix it lets some of the rotten apples and rodents to come through the gymnasium doors and crawl up her legs pulling her to the ground. Just when Rue is about to fall off the chair she is standing on the lights go back on. The rodents and the apples flee from the sight of light. After they all leave. Rue makes another mad dash for the principal’s office to try to call for help.


Alright, the main gist is that Rue discovers a twisted version of her school, and Opal, the blind girl, Socrates, the purple haired girl, and Eclair get stuck in the school along with her, returning the school’s power allows her to get back to their own school, and the process of returning to the twisted school against their will and getting out of that school repeat throughout the story and they have to find out what the twisted school is, why they’re being dragged in there, and how they can stop the process.

I’ll pm the main plot I have so far later feel free to say how you feel until then.


I see, so basically she wakes up in an alternate version of her school that is evil and she gets trapped along w/ her sister, the blind girl, and the purple hair girl and they must find out how to return to their regular world. I see. Intriguing idea, so I assume that the other three girls are also in this school at the same time that Rue wakes up? Or do they meet in this alternate universe at certain times? I would recommend slowly letting the children meet each other one at a time where ex. Rue runs into Sorcrates and they team up to fight against said monsters whereas the blind girl and Eclair find each other and eventually they meet up to find the secrets hidden within the school and what they can do to not get turned into monsters or killed by the school.


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Well yeah, the first time Rue is in the school all by herself, but the next time the other three are dragged in as well. I had an idea a little bit like that. the second time Rue gets stuck in the twisted school she has a twisted ankle and has trouble navigating with her wheelchair. She runs into the blind girl, Opal, to both of their chagrins. Opal helps Rue navigate her wheelchair because Rue twisted her ankle playing soccer against her and she secretly feels guilty because feels like she pushed both Rue and herself too hard and Rue lost her attention and twisted her ankle because of it. Eclair eventually notices that Rue is gone and enlists Socrates to help her find Rue. Their search leads them to the twisted school where they get caught too and eventually the two groups meet up.


Ah, so it does follow my hypothesis a bit. My only question is how Opal plays soccer if she is blind.


Good question. People who are blind can have soccer balls that beep so they can know where the ball is.


I see, so they were participating in a drill and Rue ended up spraining her ankle. Though I would recommend letting Rue be on crutches instead of a wheelchair because crutches are still hard to manage, but more realistic in the idea that a doctor wouldn’t give someone a wheelchair due to a sprain.


You’re probably right. I was trying to have there be a place where Opal could see the consequences other people suffer from the arrogant attitude she had up to this point in the story and have her try to make up for it and have Rue need to rely on someone she doesn’t like or trust to get out of the school like she found out how to in her previous trip to the school. I was trying to get them to eventually be able to get an understanding where they could settle their differences and even become friends. I think if Rue uses crutches she could still need help from Opal to open doors or climb on things since she isn’t as mobile as she’s used to being.


Exactly what I was trying to say! Glad I made it a bit clearer. I do enjoy the character development in that case, but I must ask if this is written in 1st or 3rd person?


The story or the summary?


Story, please.


It’s written in Third Person.


Ah perfect, I was going to recommend third person because it will be easier to show character development in your case.


I’ll send you the rest of the plot details in a PM as soon as I can! Thanks for all your help so far!


No problem, I hope I’m helping a little bit. Haha. I’m still an amateur writer myself, but I do always have the oddest ideas.


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