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I found someone who is trying to write their screen play and I am referring them to you for possible help. I hope you don’t mind.


Yes, it is no problem (actually much appreciated, haha.) Too bad I am heading to bed very shortly.


Well maybe sometime later.






Is @EncryptedWriting awake?


I think she will be soon.




Hi, yes. I am sorry, I had tennis early this morning so I am only now getting online. I now have school, but I can try helping out a bit. :slight_smile:


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Can you help me write a script for "The Seductive Rum Tum Tugger’’?


I can! However, I need a general summary and I need to know if we are simply doing a chapter or what not cause I might need to charge a little more than my typical payment. :blush:


It’s about a Young girl named Emily Who is Physically and Emotionally abused by her father. Suddenly, The Seductive Rum Tum Tugger comes along and kills her Abusive Father and takes her to a strange place Called The Jellicle Junkyard.


Okay, well, I think you might need to change that name ‘The Seductive Rum Tum Tugger’ to perhaps something shorter. I think you have a decent plot, but you may have to edit and mess around with the name of a hero. I think shortening it to,“The Rum Tugger” might be simple enough because it can be difficult to comprehend. Then, you can give this hero a simplier name (as that is his hero name) as something like: (I have no idea) Matheau. You hear me?

So — how much of this do you have completed (if any at all) and what would the general mood be. I need to have an understanding of where we are at the moment and where we are starting at.