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How about The Rum Tum Tugger?

I’ve haven’t written it yet.

The general mood will be atmospheric.


It is still a big lengthy and the word Tum seems a bit misplaced. I can always help with titles as well, but I think it is simply just not working smoothly. A title needs to flow and this one is close but the words start to fall upon each other. I would be happy to help figure out a few synonyms (perhaps) to help rephrase the title.

May I ask how you came up with that title, just so I can understand your reasoning a bit more?


How I came Up with the Title Was an oppurtunity to be creative.


I see, but when I think of a story I typically have an idea. A title is what your readers first see, it is the attention getter. When you think of this story, what is an image that appears? What do you see when you think of this story? Perhaps we can start with a title from there.


I imagine that a heroic man attacking an abusive father and taking a young girl somewhere where she has never been before.

I think I should call it…
A New World


The title of this thread reminds me of Orlando Bloom


Intriguing. How about I brainstorm and give you a few ideas?




Lol, thank you? :white_flower:


You’re welcome?

It’s just the ‘B l o o m’ in the title that reminded me of Orlando Bloom


Question: do you have a certain name for this hero and is he human?


Oh haha, sorry, I am not familiar with many celebs’ so I am not sure if he is — nice or not. :joy:



No, In fact He’s A Jellicle Cat.


Alrighty, thank ya! So where she is taken is his home world, ahh. I see.


Me neither, to be honest, i don’t really care about celebs.


What script writing website do you go online?


I don’t. I only write from my mind. Other than that, I do use docs. Is this in the form of a play?


This is a form of a musical.


Ah, so yes, like a play. I would still write it as a form of a book.