B l o o m: A plot/prompt shop/additionally a title recommendation shop



Intriguing, I have not written in the form of a play, but I can help with general ideas and perhaps how the plot is worked out. Anyways, let me take a moment to brain storm.


Okay then.



The Hidden world of Jellicle
Beyond the Abyss (as she is escaping abuse)
The Ticket to Freedom
The Ticket to Jellicle
Between the worlds
Beyond Jellicle
The Saving of Emily (last name)
Escape to Jellicle



I choose…

The Ticket To Freedom!


Feel free to not go with just one, though. We can always brainstorm together. :blush:


I also Choose…
Beyond The Abyss.


Wait — I think I wrote that wrong. I meant to say you don’t have to go with any of those! We can come up with something together.


Oh, Sorry.


If you like one then go ahead, but I’m letting you know that I can come up with others — if need to be.


The Ticket To Freedom is good.

@EncryptedWriting, What do you think?


If you like it then go ahead. I can start on a general first scene and hopefully that will be enough to kickstart your new adventure!


I am afraid I have to go for now, but we can continue with this later on. :white_flower:


Ba Dump :white_flower:


Ba - Dump :white_flower:


Ba Dump :white_flower:


Ba-Dump :white_flower:


I couldnt find the form for a title recommendation. My story genre will be magic/fantas. Characters will include witches, human and fae.


Ah, yep. I haven’t added that quite in yet. Give me a few minutes. :blush: :white_flower:


Ok thanks :slight_smile:


Alrighty, please have a look at the form and I can help you right out. :white_flower: