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Title: Dont have one yet
Author: Itzayana Gonzalez
Genre: magic/fantasy
Summary: Gemma could read anything fantasy and you could believe she liked it but tell her it was real? Now that was a different story. How can you rationally tell someone that you believe some type of demon is following you but not harming you? Better yet who can you tell when you’ve somehow managed to tuck yourself away in your own world far away from others?
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Intriguing here are a few ideas:

-The One That Lurks
-The Spirit Hidden
-The Drifting Spirit
-Escaping the Sinister
-Outliving the spirits
-Those who follow

Any of those poke an interest?


would it be ok if i send you a private message theres a plot twist of the story that i didnt want to put in the summary and it could help in title selection?


Yes, please do. That might help me grasp the title a bit more. :white_flower:


Name: N O C † U R N E
Genre: Horror
Gender of MC: Female!
Length(novella, novel, short story etc.): Novel
Rating(pg, pg-13…): PG-13/ Rated R?
Your plans to use it: I wanted to write a novel on here, a truly terrifying horror novel. I wanted to get away from possession and demons and more towards the serial killer route, but I’m completely plot less and want something really unique ! I also love asylums so that would be another cool route
Password: Queen


:white_flower: accepted :white_flower:

I have watched enough crime stories to write this with excitement. A simple question would be if you want to be given a starter (so not everything at once but as a summary, look at examples to see what I mean) or the whole plot (that might take me a bit.)


After pondering for a bit I have a few more ideas (bolded is personal favorites):


Hidden within the dark

Followed by a shadow


Haunted by the shadows

Forever Followed


Bound by chains

Bound by Misery



Just a starter! I can get with the story as long as you can maybe give an idea about plot / twist ending


Give me a few hours and I can get something to you.

plot twists are my specialty


Oh, boy, do I have an idea for you. I can always move away from this idea, but the cross in the title gave me the idea.

Overview: Raton, Alabama is the definition of a small, Christian town. Loyal families have lived in a rural town for decades as everyone seems to know everyone. There is a rather simple routine the entire town follows from decade to decade. Monday to Friday is a work day, Saturday is a family day, and Sunday is prayer day. Everyone in Raton is a lover of the church; they are all devoted to prayers and it seems that the whole town rejoices for just a day as they send their thanks and wishes. However, the small farming town is about to be put on the map for all the wrong reasons. It started with one, an elder lady that had been suffering from Cancer. The town mourned for one day, one day to send their wishes to the lord to make sure the elder had been sent to heaven. Then there was another one; this time it was a younger fellow. The cause of death was a sudden heart attack; so the town mourned for two days, two days to send their wishes to the lord to make sure the boy had been sent to heaven. However, the next week people became skeptical when a young girl is found hanging in her room. The town hardly has any deaths, perhaps two a year, for there to be three deaths in three weeks starts to raise eyebrows. Especially those of Riley Henderson. Riley is a carefree nineteen-year-old who has been back in town for a few weeks to spend with her family before the next semester of college starts at the University of Alabama, but her rejoicing with her family is halted when the fourth death comes. Her own father’s death. She is now lost, angry, and confused about her father’s death and she is starting to bring attention from the outside into little Raton, Alabama. Here sparks a dark journey as Riley unveils hidden secrets of the little country town she had grown up in for her whole life. Perhaps this church-going community isn’t as bright as it seems.

Spoiler idea: So, cause it is a serial killer story, I’m thinking that it should be the Priest doing the murders. The reason I say that is because of the cross in the title. So I thought that might be a good little plot twist to add in for the end. :wink:

We can always rework this or start over entirely. Feel free to let me know your thoughts and please don’t forget payment. :white_flower:


While looking at your suggestions I really like " Within The Dark" I just removed the work Hidden :slight_smile:


Alrighty, no problem! I can always think of more, but if you like that then my work here is done. :white_flower:


Really appreciate the help I want sure if the payment was also a follow but i did it anyways


That is all it is. :white_flower:


I actually really love that!!


Would you like any edits or a complete redo? :white_flower:

Have you completed payment yet?


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