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Title Form
Author: Jaxon Pierce
Genre: Teen Fiction/LGBT+ Fiction
Summary: Caleb, an eighth grader starting a new school where he realizes he isn’t as popular as he used to be, befriends Logan, a trans guy dealing with bullies. However, Caleb soon realizes his feelings for Logan aren’t platonic. These two have a lot to deal with as they try to survive their final year of middle school.
Mood: Depressing mostly, but also romantic.
Password: Queen


Accepted! Give me a few moments to start thinking of a few ideas. We can start working on narrowing down from there!


To Catch A Dream


Two boys against the world

Colliding Worlds

Two Worlds Colliding

A Boy Named Logan

Us versus the world

Frozen hearts

Accidental Love

Falling for him( falling for you or falling for Logan)


Survival of two outcasts

The two of us

The Two Outcasts vs Middle school

Middle School love wars

Lighting up our world

The Light Of My Life

Note: Let’s start here and we can start moving forward. :wink:


Thank you, but I don’t think any of those fit the mood I’m going for, and some are too generic, like I’ve heard them before. I’m really looking for something that’s unique and stands out, that isn’t cheesy. I want it to be a serious book and not sound like a fanfiction, if that makes sense? Some of the titles you gave me were really good, but I don’t think they fit my book very well.


I see, something serious…

Let me think of something more in that direction.


More Serious Ones:

Hiding Within Plain Sight


Crossing The Frontier

Abandoning The Order

The Crossing of Guided Fates

Dancing With Dispairity

Fated to Combine

Frozen within Anarchy

Note: Am I getting somewhere? Haha!


Those are more serious, and they definitely sound cool. But they don’t seem to fit what my story is about. It seems like they were made for different stories with different genres and moods, it just isn’t what I’m going for. Sorry to be so picky, I just want it to be the perfect title.


Hm, depressing and romantic are difficult to combine. I can go for an ill-fated sort of title.

I.e. Shriveling Roses

But the Genre can be tough as well. I am trying to go with romantic, haha. I can tr a Romeo and Juliet idea (ish.) Would that be closer?


I want something that’s more relevant to the plot. For example, Shriveling Roses is a good title, but it has nothing to do with the story I’m telling.



have a few more ideas now…

Intertwined by Fate

Survival of the Deviants

Ambivalent Feelings

Tied by Fate

The Finale

Destined to be Different

Standing with him (or standing by him)

Descent Into Ambivalent Feelings

Survival from the Tyrants

Note: This is starting to get harder, haha. Lots of thought tbh. :joy:


Hmm, I like those. But none of them are really standing out to me. I think I’m going to write more of the story before deciding on a title. I’ll definitely let you know if I use one of the ones you suggested, thank you!


Alrighty, happy writing! :white_flower:


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Hi! I’m planning to write a collection of one-shots that will feature majority of love stories, but not all will have happy endings exactly. Could you please help me with a title for the same? Other than ‘One-Shots’
Author: The Social Introvert
Genre: Romance, General Fiction
Summary: It’s a collection of one-shots of love stories.
Mood: Fun, Light
Password: Queen


Oye so this might be a bit difficult, haha.

Here are a few ideas:

-The seasons of love
-Tales of the Beloved
-The Love Chronicles (I really like this one)
-The Passion Chronicles
-Tales of Passion
-(this is a random one idk why but it seems nice) Sticks and Stones
-Hip to Hip: The love chronicles

Sorry, this one was a bit hard.


Ba- Dump :white_flower:


Ba Dump :white_flower: