Backup your Stories

Please to make sure to save your chapters and what not, on a different site or place from wattpad. They deleted chapters and sometimes accounts. Better to be safe than sorry. I know I for one have had multiple chapters deleted. It’s whatever for me though, however you probably care so make sure to save that sh*t


Google Documents is a good place


Happened to me before asked support and they gave me all the deleted chapters by them and me so I am glad it is back now

Still that might not work for everyone so it’s better to be safe than sorry


I get it all of my story is currently in Google docs so there is no mishaps coming for me

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And I’d say do not write online, because a drop in connection can make the website crash, and you might lose everything. Also, be careful when writing offline because a crash of the app (or program) might make you lose everything (it happened to me once). Moreover, make several copies and keep one in your cloud. And then, make another copy and save it in an external hard drive, because the laptop might break and you might lose everything :joy: Am I obsessive? :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you’re obsessive, I am too :joy:

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I’m at the point now where I write the chapter in google docs (have the book on one document to keep an eye on my word count), bring the chapter through prowritingaid to tidy it up and do little improvements, then paste it onto wattpad (this is helpful for me because if you go from google docs to wattpad, the formats all screwy. The middle man fixes that nicely).

So most of my chapters on google docs aren’t edited too great, but it prevents me from starting from scratch. When I do a rewrite on a chapter, I replace the google docs version.

I’ve lost many a book by losing USB’s in the past, and while I wasn’t particularly attached to those, I like having my writing saved in google docs.


Word to the concerned; BACK UP all elecronic data. Stories, records, so on. preferably off line, on a hard drive, on a thumb drive, by print out, but always get the stuff off line and preferably, off the machine you use. or it will VANISH some day.



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I like the way you think :joy:

I have learnt this the hard way unfortunately :frowning_face:
To make certain I have 3 copies, the master on my mac, a back up on my work comp, and a copy on a memory stick.


Same here. I write offline and keep copies in several places, offline and in the cloud.


I have to now. I lost months of work on a particular story because my laptop at the time died.
I had to redo it all but gave up and haven’t revisited.


I use google docs as well. Heck, I write in Google Docs before posting. xD


I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t first write their chapters somewhere else and then post it to Wattpad, but apparently it’s a thing?

I use Scrivener for all my writing, but I also have Word as a back-up.


^^ Same here. I’ve got a beast of a Google Doc (somewhere past 100 pages), which takes a while to load up these days. Only problem is, there’s slight edits between Wattpad and Docs that I still need to settle.

Well I use Google Drive and USB before I discovered Wattpad.

You shouldn’t ever write your story on Wattpad itself, you should write it in a program, then upload to Wattpad later.

Lol, I’ve got copies written down on paper, google docs and wattpad.