Bad covers

So, we’ve all been talking about pet peeves in books like bad grammar, bad plot, etc… but what about bad covers?

I’ve seen some very poorly done covers here on Wattpad, and I personally find them very unappealing when the author didn’t bother to take their time to make something that will catch the readers’ eyes first. Some even go as fas as to leave the cover at its “default” state (a blurred out picture of your profile image and the story’s title in normal Time New Roman font).

Like, a cover doesn’t need to be extremely detailed. It can just be a simple vector art with styled fonts. But at least make it look good!

Is this one of your biggest pet peeves as well? How much do you think it’ll affect the impression it has on readers? What are some example of bad covers you’ve seen? (But try not to actually use someone else’s cover or call them out).

Well, one can’t actually blame the authors for having bad covers. Some don’t know the MDC exists, and others prefer to make their own. Some don’t know that a Wattpad cover is just as important as the cover of a published book.

I wouldn’t call it a pet peeve of mine per se, but, admittedly, I usually won’t read a story without a proper, eye-catching cover. There is, however, such a thing as going overboard with covers. I’m talking about the ones with too many effects crowded together that it hurts the eyes, unsuitable fonts, or ones that promise one thing when the plot promises another.


Naw. It’s not precisely logical, but I find too much bad literature hides behind glossy covers. Covers are irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

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i don’t mind bad covers so much since a lot of famous and traditionally published works have equally bad covers and pretty much no one seems to mind. and i wouldn’t blame wp authors for having bad covers bc they usually try to imitate covers they like and sometimes go as far as paying for it, so its more of a tragedy than anything else


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I get what you’re saying. Covers with too much effects can look bad as well.

I don’t trust myself to make my own covers. Suuuure, I’ll attempt minimal covers. I’ll do simple. I’m a bit ok, not like amazing, at those, but I don’t just trust myself to make my own cover. I have horrible editing skills.

I’d much sooner seek out an experienced designer and very rarely will I request from someone I haven’t seen in the MDC and with bomb examples :joy:
Worth the payment. Idc if the covers are free, they’re getting their follow and credit and comments.

But what I find to be a peeve is these new designers seeking long winded payments for slap-text. (Granted, we’ve probably all been there before, but I still didn’t think my graphics were worth more than credit so I never asked for anything. Playlists, yes. Moodboards, yes. Covers? Hells no. Not unless it has been reviewed and approved by a better designer.)
The images are blurry and with a muscle-toned man and Times New Roman in a bright or plain color.

I just feel like some fakes should be requested or they’ve practiced some more before offering them. But, you gotta get practice in somehow, so…

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I like to have beautiful books with beautiful covers in my reading list so… yeah… I won’t be as attracted to a book with a bad cover than a book with a beautiful one !

Note : I am a graphic designer myself, so… yeah

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Yeah, me too. I won’t trust a designer unless they have multiple examples and reputation. Furthermore, they can even be scammer and steal our money. :roll_eyes:

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Exactly. They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, and I take and understand it clearly. But if we’re talking about actual, literal books, then it’s a different case. :joy:

You see I never got this saying isn’t that the entire point of a cover?

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Well, I know it’s supposed to say “Don’t judge someone by their appearance alone”, but yeah, it doesn’t really make sense if you think more about it.

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