Badges–are they fun? DO you actually try to earn them?


Just want to get thoughts/sentiments etc on badges.


I find them amusing, but I wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.


have you tried to earn any (like, read the instructions and explicitly worked to get them)


They’re addictive and I love them.


A few of them, but only super simple stuff that I would’ve normally done.

Edit: I guess the whole thing with the robot ambassador is the furthest I’ve gone.


As @Prisim has said:

I like it! But it could cause some competition and what not with WP users, trying to get them.


I haven’t touched them. I’ve just ignored them, because they aren’t interesting to me. I’d rather be talking to people or writing than trying to get them.

I won’t use them if they’re implemented into the regular site either. They just don’t really matter.

It seems like it’s a personal achievement thing, but I prefer post count for that, because it better demonstrates how much of my life I have wasted (a lot).


Very true! Will our old post counts stay the same?


We’ll have to figure that all out IF we decide to move forward with these forums


Ohh I see :slight_smile:
These forums are growing on me, Ill admit




Lol hides


I did when I was bored the other day but otherwise I could live without them. Since @Calmwolf already shared my thoughts I won’t repeat myself :laughing:


Lol, Im with you on that


XD Honoured to get the “greatness” Badge, I didnt even know existed


i just made it


Ohhh! thats why, thats cool :macy:


oh man.

I don’t try for badges. I just get plesently surprised by them

it’s nice to know I’m great tho


I don’t go out of my way to earn them. It’s nice to see when I’m just being myself. :>


Lol, you cant really try and get the badges unless it was the tutorial. the others kind of just… appear?