Badly Summarize Your Story


I’ve seen people do things similar to this for movies and books, so I thought it would be fun to do it here too!

Example: Summarizing Batman as “A rich adult orphan spends his time cosplaying and beating up the mentally ill.”

To summarize my story A Flower in the Smog:

An angry refugee boy learns how to make friends because of a civil war.


My story, Shards of The Demon King badly summarized:

A girl with two personalities travel with another girl that has mommy issues into human society on a search for something, they don’t really know what they’re looking for though.
also at the same time a guy that’s also a giant tentacle monster travel with his warband to hunt down hungry vampire bois that’s always hungry for a snacc.


This is my story Necrocide:

A whiny little British boi screws up bad and gets infected with a zombie virus for not putting on a Band-Aid. So now he befriends other dead people, including one who yeets his arm off with a single punch. Now in a mood, he looks for more stuff in an attempt to survive dying while also ending up closer to dying. Too bad he can’t die when he gets killed because he’s already dead. Because y’know…zombie virus.


My story The Hashmarked Girl

Scarred girl teams up with an invisible boy to bring down the people who once tested drugs on them.


The Element of Life

Jasmine buys a used jeep and calls her boyfriend Elliot. She is excited for prom. Elliot cheats on her at prom and he doesn’t really care. Thankfully Regina is there for Jasmine because they are best friends. Elliot is dating Janelle now. Jasmine notices a light in the park and wants to go there. George says no. She goes at night anyways and touches it. She gets power to bring things to life. Elliot is suspicious and continues to make life miserable for her.


To Believe in Peter Pan

The boy who took one bad woman experience and used it as means to hate a whole gender now tries to break a once weak but now strong girl who has an imaginary friend. All the children have troubles growing up.


Pila Lux

A poor girl, a boy with daddy issues, and a confused set of twins set out to find a ball that can end a war.


Witch’s Lies

Poor boys with daddy issues make deals with a rich enemy just to prove their newest wed-locked brother wrong.


That sounds wild.


It is a bad summary of my story XD. But yeah, I guess? I didn’t think it that weird, until I wrote that sentence.


I mean, especially how they made deals with a rich enemy just to prove someone wrong. It’s extra asf and I love it.


haha. Thanks! They are the children of Wrath, they’ll do just about anything to prove one another wrong. Or prove themselves right.


Haha this will be fun.
A guy with serious mommy and daddy issues decides to take over the world bc his sister was grounded.


A literal murderer befriends a depressed dude and they stab some people.


The Armory

a girl decides that she wants to be a superhero, and her totally-not-girlfriend decides that she wants to be a supervillain


The Omnipotent

A village girl finds out she has powers and her boyfriend murders her parents.


The Adventures of Zack and Luke

A lonely boy starts a game of make believe with a bunch of characters who act like everythings normal.


**The Only Thing to Fear ** (which I’m still writing)

A young woman with attitude issues finds out that she’s got a kink for a horror movie Dream Demon, and hence forth slowly has an existential life crisis because of it.


Upcoming book
Local dumbass figures out he’s been a criminal the entire time, then raises an army of zombies to fix the problem.


nobody’s favorite asshole makes a career out of his ego being constantly blown up. meanwhile, the world ends.