Badly Summarize Your Story


A group of stupid young adults go into an isolated place, and while some get murdered, the rest are idiots when trying to solve the murders.


Secret society of wizards kidnaps a Best Buy employee to help them kidnap a random girl who they insist is both the Avatar and Mothman.


Now this, this sounds like a ride.


A really weird since of humor/shitty nurse that falls in love with a very mysterious young man with a dark past. Then drama, humor, yada-Yada, drama, bang-bang-pow, drama.


a bunch of magic kids with issues led by the ultimate daddy issue duo try to get revenge on royalty dicks and ghosts, while learning that people who should be dead are actually alive (and vice versa)


nbc dr hannibal lecter and will graham is that you?


a robot and old guy are tying to capture a bad guy so an old lady can die in peace.


A cliche good girl and a cliche jock travel across the United States doing uncliche things to finish a bucket list and get to a wedding neither wants to attend


The Story of Evelyn
A boy loses his first love from the age of 7 to 17, remembering every second he spent with her from the day they met.


Heirs of the Seasons

A temperamental girl is kidnapped and must learn how to use magical powers to save the world from a never-ending winter, while constantly fighting a jerk she eventually falls in love with.


Frost on the Grasslands

Three rocks slowly screw a world over.


The Legend of the Moonflower Princess

A young woman must venture into a mystical, magical, fantastic world in order to save her younger, foster brother from a completely insane warlock.


I have so many to describe, I don’t even know where to start, haha!

1.)It all started when he didn’t know east isn’t west…

2.) Boy with terrible sense of direction is threatened by strict weirdo lady to find pieces of magical paper and fight a supposedly other half of a boy.

3.)Boy with daddy issues go fight daddy’s biggest mistake.


Gods fuck some shit up, and makes a mortals life miserable.


Handyman of the Apocalypse

After accidentally causing the third World War, our hero must journey out into a wasteland somehow less crappy than before the apocalypse and prevent an entire city full of idiots from not being an idiot like he was.


a psychopath kidnaps girls and holds them hostage in a barn


Bat club : everyone fucks each other over


The Rules and Guidelines of Vara Brown: A really crazy girl who likes fire way too much tries to murder her entire school because her boyfriend asked her to.


girl bumps into boy.
they fall in love.


Shattered Crests Book 1:
The most complicated move and parting of a group of friends while others play where’s Waldo with finding the group.