Badly Summarize Your Story


A girl meets the worst guardian angel ever and decides if that’s the best Heaven has to offer, it’s better to just keep living. lol


A crossdresser prince employes a frequent flyer soldier to gaurd a wall from a bunch of naked ladies. They fall in love.


Beauty and the beast roles switched and they’re young dance prodigies.


Her ex ruined the weather and made farm animals freak out to convince her to come back to him.


antisocial alien experiencing culture shock


Iki Jigoku: An Origin Story…Of Sorts (Still In Production)

“Katherine, please.” “Katherine no.” “Katherine, STOP!!”


A dead girl’s denied access to the after life when a demon steals her admission form so he can start a cult, and she forgets about it herself when she meets the grim reaper’s hot daughter.


Mageia Era

Diseased orphan boy and his ghost friend play fight with space aliens and find out why everyone is sick too lol


The title is called Suffocating.

A girl wants to prove that superheroes exist, and her best friend is like, “Nah, girl, if the superhero is secret then there’s got to be a good reason” but the girl is like “PSHHHH! Don’t be so paranoid! It’s not like anything bad will happen!”

And so everything bad happens.


Six young adults become synthetic wizards as they escape a futuristic DnD dungeon.


My book is broken



Understanding Teenagers

Guy graduated from college and needs a job. Struggling publishing company hires the guy to write a Young Adult Novel. The guy doesn’t have much experience with writing.


Episode Jackal

Saditic warlord/Mercenary tells the story of his life, and what led him to start a world war.