BAGAEOQ: Forget The Number and Lost The Link to The One on The Old Clubs (will edit the number later)



Maybe wait for Fate to come back before we do it


Hmmm we could o.o but why? xD


Idk. Having a funeral with only 4 people seems weird.


joy and the rest are invited. so it’s not just us four :joy: and 5 doesn’t change anything smh


Do you have the original tag list? I think I might still be able to contact a couple of people on Skype.


no apparently not o.o’


Pfft I lost that list when wp deleted the old clubs


I didn’t save the list bc b&g was dead anyways :thinking:


@GreekMyth I invited Marsy back o.o she said she will


Wait… MARI???


Marsy O.O


Mari and Marsy are different people




Oh… I don’t recognize the name :joy:

What is their user?


hmmm it’s diff now and I can’t spell it DX marscellaneous I think?

old un was missmessymarsadict


O I remember them!!!


uh huh

I invited her :joy: she might come on

more ppl o.o


sock wants to hold funeral for this thread btw


I’m not sure if we should continue the thread once we reach 10k o.o


I read that :joy: