BAGAEOQ lets call it v.2 cause we’ve lost all count but we still wan it runnin. Also guys, we need more bois cause the gurls are all so lonely q.q



It goes well. I have Physiology homework to do and we’re anticipating 5-9 inches of snow.


what kind of physio?

Are you a fan of snow?

Also, I’m bad with names. Have we spoken before?


We have spoken before. I’m Lexi. I used to be XxSugarCookie_GirlxX .

The basics of chemistry at the moment. I don’t mind snow I just hate cleaning off my truck and the -32F


It not that your name isn’t familiar, more so, I can’t remember what we spoke about.

Fun. What does that convert to in Celsius?


Ahhh gotcha. Nursing school. If you are indeed Nyx.

-35 C


Not really o.o. Never thought of it like that. I mean, you would if you did give me dry replies. But, you always reply to most the things i write xD like right now xD which is i like!

Yeah! I thought it was a certain someone, and then Sushi PMed me. Yeah, they should. I miss Dexter. This is like the nth time I’ve said that… ;-; I think I made Sushi a bit disappointed. I didn’t mean to though.

A fruit o.o;



Thought so. Hope things are going well.

-32F does not convert to -32C. No way o-o


I dunno I googled. -32F converted to -35C according to google.

Ahh yes. How did your clinical go?


That’s a good way to see it. I try not to make a person feel like they’re being ignored, so I end up usually being the last comment most of the time.

You can tell with Soosh’s style of writing though. It’s kinda cute and silly in a way.
How so?

Um, I don’t think there is a solid answer for it. Personally, I view it as its own category.

Why aren’t you eating properly?


-32F converts to zero degrees celsius on my end.
That’s strange.

I’m not taking clinical this semester. What’s new for you though?


Ahh I see. Nothing to new. Just work and going to school. My teacher is a MD from Scotland and practiced in Scotland and Australia.


oh, do they have a cool accent?

I want to learn the Australian accent.


They do have a cool accent. I like listening to it.


I have a prof with a British accent, but she talks so quietly it’s hard to hear her.


You comment delayed on purpose? o.o? Like, on here? Your comments to me usually are for tomorrow’s o.o; I’ve always thought it’s because you’re busy o.o;

Sushi uses some of the same emojis as I do at random times. I think it’s cute. I mean, that’s saying just for soosh o.o. I find it annoying when other people does the same >~> I don’t know why xD.
Uhhhhh sighs its probably just me. But, I’ll PM you on here about it if you wanna?

What is it’s own category o.o?

I dunno o.o I just don’t.


My Scottish teacher doesn’t talk extremely loud. But sometimes he’ll stop after he says something and tries to think or what the word he says is said over here. Last class it was elevator, he said lift


Not in that sense lmao. I mean in general when both people are present in the conversation. Basically, being the last person to say goodbye. My delayed comments are mostly because my hangouts is always on silent.

Pfft, I see what you’re trying to do there. You’re pretty adorable too my friend. I don’t use many emojis anymore. I was called out on it way back.
Sure, although I’m trying to multitask so I might not respond as diligently.


Hm, I want to hear more about this later.


That’s strange in an interesting way.


Very. He also tells us stories about his time in the ED as a MD


That’s enlightening. A person learns a lot from their own experience, but you can also learn a lot from another’s.