BAGAEOQ lets call it v.2 cause we’ve lost all count but we still wan it runnin. Also guys, we need more bois cause the gurls are all so lonely q.q



Oh? But what if you have to go to an errand o.o; you’ll have to say goodbye first. I wasn’t talking about hangouts o.o.

Nuu I didn’t mean it that way >~> You don’t know what I mean then v.v. Oh, really? Why? Lmao you used to use this emoji a lot —> >.> and <.<
That’s fine. I need to give you an explanation also.

That so o.o

Eh o.o


I usually do. I let the person know I have to go ‘unfortunately.’ Oh, then here? That is usually cuz I’m trying to do more than one thing at the same time and it doesn’t fair well.

Then, explain. I used to use every emoji a lot, Koala can back that up pretty well…
K cool, I’ll be waiting.

Yep. imo.



I agree. I like listening to stories. It gives exsposer and learning opportunities.


hm… -falls off bed-


Ahhh mkay. I would have done the same thing. yup cx

Nevermind, nevermind. Not important~
Koala? o.O?


nct ty and jh breaking their light sticks during the first concert was amusing…


MindPancake. Haven’t spoken to her in ages.


Oh. Same here. I dont even know her anymore o.o Its been years o.o;


Agreed. I remember she had a fun personality though.

Wonder how she’s doing.


I remeber them…

but thought that was a guy o-o


Nope, she may have gone by they/them as her pronouns if anything but I can’t remember.

but, hey~ Awkward I’m here, huh o_o


yes kinda. hiiiiiiii !
how have you been?
hows school?


I’m a hypocrite? Idek what I’m doing tbh.

I’m as okay as can be, what about you?
School is school. Busy. I have things piling up. Got a test tmrw. How’s school for you? Anything exciting?



I’m good!
Same for me, I was ahead now I’m kinda behind? Or at least what I think is behind…
Ooo good luck on the test!! You ready for it?
& nothing really exciting xD


Same here. After my test tmrw, I have to speed through a lot of things. I have lots coming up next week.

Thanks, I still have some studying to do. As long as I stay up and do some more and then wake up early and continue, I think I will be good.

Yeah. any new shows?


sighs so much to do, so little time xD

Just get some good sleep!

No… I haven’t really been watching a lot of stuff lately … some youtube but mainly music videos to play in the background while doing school…



I’m going to try to. If not today, then I’ll just catch up tomorrow.

What kind of music videos?


-yawns quietly- hi…


Hi Arrie



uh random one? xD I just hit different playlists.
but one artist i’m listening to rn is imagine dragons.
Bad Liar’s video is very interesting xD