BAGAEOQ lets call it v.2 cause we’ve lost all count but we still wan it runnin. Also guys, we need more bois cause the gurls are all so lonely q.q









boop boopppppp


Oh, I think we had this conversation before. I like Imagine Dragons too. Don’t listen to them much, but I like their stuff. Is bad liar the one with gigantic heads?


We have xD

no o-o i’ll have to they too find that one xD

bad liar is this one


What’s in the teapot? :’)


Green Tea I think.


hm… I should make myself a green tea latte.


Green tea latte?


green tea + steamed milk.


Ahhh. I see.


Ah, I’ve heard that before just not with the MV version.

Found it. This strange one



@MikaylaEmily have you seen this one??? ^^^^


She does. She and I used to talk a lot o.o; I think she told me stories about her part time job. I dont know now…



I have not! But I should!


:joy: Well, I meant more my stories work. But, my job I don’t have many hours at the moment. Thursday and Sunday 4/5-10. It gets slow during winter.


yeah! same.



Ohmigosh, Stitch is so cute.