BAGAEOQ lets call it v.2 cause we’ve lost all count but we still wan it runnin. Also guys, we need more bois cause the gurls are all so lonely q.q



-pats head-
Evy did told tia that evy will tell Tia stories about that o.o


about what o.o


you’ll just learn how to say no, eventually v.v being abused is no good tho. You defo need to hold your ground v.v


my willpower is weak af ;-;


about evy friends o.o


tell me tell meeee


you gotta do something.
else manager will keep abusing you because they think it’s okay


you tell me v.v you said you’d tell me


with right time o.o


joey is fed up with me being used by my manager ;-;


oh wait, I did? o.o


when you said Joey, it made me thought of friends o.o


well, you’re also fed up being used by the manager. so I dunno what Joey saying o.o
anyways, i think if it’s smth that’s not supposed to be part of your job description. you don’t need to do it. especially if you don’t get paid extra. you’ll learn how to say no, eventually. I know it’s hard, but you gotta do smth about it, else all your complaining will be for nothing o.o


yes Evy said on DMs back then ;^;


ish about past ppl


;-; I know but like it’s so hard ;-;


messy messy story


I don’t remember xD


it’s okay. I get it ;^; it was hard for me too back then, but then I had to learn stuffs the hard way o-o like I had to experience smth really regrettable before I realise I should have done smth ;~; I just hope you do smth sooner. otherwise, manager will constantly abuse you :c


nevermind then ;^;
the story can remain hidden for eternity xD


yes ;u; I have to