BAGAEOQ lets call it v.2 cause we’ve lost all count but we still wan it runnin. Also guys, we need more bois cause the gurls are all so lonely q.q



I can tell you here cx


maybe there’s a YouTube clip of How to Say No that can help us o.o


Indeed you do o.o
how does manager abuse you tho?
also, you on your break or smth? xD


but it’s too… secretive, right? o.o


like she kept taking advantage of me - keep making me do full shift while she stayed at home doing her personal things


not really cx

also, I’m on my way home cx


my wifi has turned shitty o.o

I might disappear xD


oh yeah Rosie PMed me saying her internet is shitty o.o so she not here v.v




uh how many hours do you usually work vs hours you consider a full shift?


I work 10 hours per day. full shift is 12 hours


oh o.o then WHY WE TALK ABOUT IT IN PMs o.o

oh okay xD yeah that makes sense o.o it’s 11:03pm for us o.o


oh right XD

YKNOW WHAT, I’ll tell you about it someday


you work 12 hours for when manager asks you to… damn o.o’ Do you get paid extra tho? or for like all the hours you’ve worked? because you should. it’s law. otherwise, they need to follow whatever is on your contract o.o


that’s exactly what you said D:
but okay xD my wifi is really bad ;-; I won’t enjoy the story v.v


nah I don’t get paid extra o.o


I forgot about this thread …


i’ve known activerios for 5-6 years lmao.
if you know him, you probably knew me.

we had a falling out. a lot of shit went down with a lot of people.

i spoke to him last week, though.


oh damn Evy ;^; then you has the right to say smth about that o.o


bookmark it and make sure to spam this with me o.o we shall let it rest in peace v.v