BAGAEOQ lets call it v.2 cause we’ve lost all count but we still wan it runnin. Also guys, we need more bois cause the gurls are all so lonely q.q



you’ve been on Wattpad for so long o.o
eh, really? o.o? just tell me your old username e.e’
hmm I know activerios since he’s one of the first few ppl I talked to in the forums :joy: but he and I are never close, I think? I don’t know anything about him o.o other than, he and I used to talk about Dude Perfect xD

oh I see.

so you guys are friends again? o.o


it actually is bookmarked for me xD I just tend to forget about it xD

okie dokie


Ah j’oublie


ah, je t’oublie.


i’ve had a lot.
lot of lame ones. lmao.

yeah, kinda.




Pourquoi tu m’oublie?








je ne sais pas :kissing_heart:


xDD D’accord


oui. omelette due fromage.


*de la


no. it’s du.

it’s a meme.




Je ne sais pas O.o


  >-> putang ina mo


Oooh boop


Da heck Joy xD