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Title: Fated To Your Heart
Subtitle: “ Fate wants us to kill each other but I can’t help but feel like I’m fated to be yours” Author: GoddessDenicia
Synopsis: The main characters, Crisantha Nickleson and Jules Roberts live in a world where the supernatural thrive on violence, blood, humans, and many other things that makes it hard for their kind to get along, for humans to live even a day in the world that they call La fine dell’umanità meaning Humanity’s End. Crisantha and Jules make it their mission to get away from each other, well at least Crisantha as she finds it hard to kill a hybrid vampire that shows his human side towards her. Wanting her to be his, wanting her to fall in love with him despite the world that they live in, the angels and demons that watch them, the fear of being executed. He will take all the risks in their dangerous world, Crisantha will fall hard and deep in Jules, his humanity, his hope, and his heart. Their hearts that beat the same beat and move at the same rhythm, the love, the lust that they feel for each other. They’re fated to each other’s heart.
Images: I don’t have any in mind but I would prefer that if you use a girl, she has medium brown hair and blue eyes. If you use a guy then can you use someone with black long hair and green eyes. But maybe like a necklace or some sort of image of a heart, maybe fangs or something. An image of a gun or a knife. I don’t expect much but something kind of simple and I hope that you have great ideas for it and I enjoy your covers, keep up the good work, or maybe even something simple such as a rose or whatever works well with the name and the book.
Face Claims:
Crisantha - Brooke Williams, Phoebe Tonkin, Alexandra Daddario, Margaret Qualley, India Eisley, Freya Mavor, Courtney Eaton.
Jules: I don’t have any particular ones in mind but a guy with black long hair and green eyes.


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Title: What goes around comes around
Author: Chaz1235
Story summary: One year after The Shadow killed eleven people, life seems to have got back on track…Or has it?
Any ideas: Make sure it’s fairly mysterious.


hello am scarlettrose95 am an artist and story teller but I have like zero skill with photoshop I have just recently stared rewriting my first ever original story called Hunted but currently I am using a cover that I made blending 3 photos I found on google as much as I like the cover I don’t want to use work that not my own or ones I have zero permission to use yes I know there from google and there free to us I just don’t want the original artist finding my work and getting up set the form you need from me is down below if you feel you can create a cover nearly as good as the current cover I have then it will be vary appreciated thank you.

title: Hunted


story summery: 17 teen year old Sarah White is your typical high school junior she isn’t the most popular girl at her school but she isn’t an outcast either but as one nights leads to a crazy encounter with a pack of giant werewolves things in Sarah life get turn upside down.

As she is HUNTED down by one pack she finds herself protected by another but not all the pack members wants to protect her but even as things start to make since she catches the Eye of a sciences name Dr. Evens who seems to have it out for her.

follow Sarah and her werewolf friends as they try to fight off crazy scientists, Hunters and other werewolves as they fight to protect her. What This?! Sarah may not be what she think she is. What is her connection to the Werewolves and why dose thing in the werewolf history not add up? will she ever find out the truth in this crazy world?


Thanks! I Love it! Keep up the great work!