Bambie's Thread of Things -- Whoa, new site!


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What we do and don't like...

Hiya! :lumi:




Hiya :smiley: :makaylasophia:


GIF avatars are awesome!!!


Ah i didnt know you could do that that’s cool! :scream:


You look… vaguley familliar


Whatchu mean :thinking:


This got hidden? o-o


Why is this hidden?





@BambieTheWriter Was there a reason this was hidden? Just wondering hehe. I just made it visible again cause i was testing how to lol


I think posts get hidden if people flag them.

Someone must’ve did it, thinking it as a joke.

But since the user is new, flagging hides their post?


Maybe someone flagged it to test out flagging things.


Interesting. It WAS marked as needing my approval. I gave it that though. New questions… hehe


Part of me wonders if flags should be disabled. While it’s nice to have so we don’t have to shake down a mod all the time, I’m not sure I like that they can hide a persons thread until a mod can clear it up. I could see some people flagging out of spite.


@stpolishook @Prisim


Some of the more noteworthy aspects for those lazy to click the above link:

A post with 3 flags will be automatically hidden. Registered users may click-to-view the post.

A new (TL0) user whose post is flagged as spam 3 times from 3 different users will have all their posts hidden as a result.

A topic with 12 unresolved flags from at least 5 different users will be automatically closed until the moderators can intervene.


I could still see people abusing it. Don’t like a person? Just get a couple friends to flag their posts so they go away.