Basic Witch Powers??

So. I’m starting this story. It’s a werewolf one with a little magic thrown in. My main character doesn’t realize that her biological mother comes from the original witch lineage. So she’s going to be super powerful.

So then by nature, she also doesn’t realize that she’s part-witch. I’m trying to incorporate some smaller witch powers (no spells necessary) that could hint at her power but not sure exactly what that looks like. There’s a part where her best friend is harmed and she feels so hurt and desperate that somehow channels her powers to heal him. So she knows she healed him, she just doesn’t understand how.

Does anyone have other ideas or some powers I could incorporate?

Help pls <3


Maybe understanding animals/ nature?

That’s a really good idea! Thank you. Maybe she could be able to manipulate the weather without realizing? Like if she’s annoyed it’s raining and then next thing she knows the rain has stopped. Hm

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Maybe try the basics of witchcraft? I’m pretty sure they’re grounding, centering, and healing. It’s about as basic as you can go

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Perhaps healing, whether that be herself, others, animals or plants.
Or an uncanny intuition?
Seeing ghosts/spirits? Maybe astral projection (out of body experience)
Ooh or she can see people’s auras?

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resurrection, communicating with spirits, elemental abilities, mind reading, telekinesis, seeing the future, or if you’re looking for more subtle powers you could make it so she always seems to get what she wants, the weather always reflects her mood, she has uncanny intuition, she can tell when others are lying, she can tell how others are feeling. Google search would probably bring up a lot more


Telepathy or mind control.

Interesting thought’s, here are a few more. I have a few repetes on my list, because I’ve added some potential limitations/costs, since I think they can be interesting to incoperate and serve as a built-in source of conflict.

  • She heals her friend… and all the plant life in a certain radius whithers and die, as it’s life was transfered to the friend.

  • She finds herself able to understand animlas and nature… and being in the city feels polluted and overwhelming.

  • In her dreams, she has visions of distant places and events… which are often terrible and she doesn’t know how to stop them.

  • She is able to sense or see spirits… which draws sprits to her, some good but some evil. Bonus, perhaps she can only catch glimpses of spirits at first, and is unable to properly communicate with them until she comes into her powers, making her feel that even the bevolent ones are dangerous. Perhaps at full power spirits can inteact with her physcially.

  • She feels stronger or weaker at different cycles of the moon/times of the year.

  • She never gets lost, and instincively knows what direction she is facing.

  • She has an affinity for a certain element (ex: if it’s fire, the fires she lights keep burning even when they should have run out of fuel, she doesn’t get burned after accidentally placing her hand in one, she stays warm easily in cold weather. If it’s water, she can swim incredibly quickly without any training, she can stay underwater for long periods without needing to breath.)

  • She can alter emotions. Ex: Her friend is sad and she wants him to cheer up and he does. This also has the potential for negative consequences, as she’s doing this without realizing what is happening, so she could make someone who annoyed her miserable, or just the general question of altering peoples emotions without their consent, or using this to manipulate people.

  • She can make minor alterations to her appearence, i.e, create glamours


These are incredible!! Thank you so much for sparking some ideas.

People with second sight often wind up saying, apparently to empty air, “go away, I’m not supposed to talk to hallucinations.”