Battle of the Vampires -- The setup

Since there is a poll feature on this thing, how about some open discussion as well as a tournament where people vote for who is the best vampire? Right now this is just open discussion on how to run it. Some fandoms have more than one major vampire, and there are many incarnations of dracula, so ideally I’d like to have some sort of fandom knockout poll then move onto the knockout stages.

The drawback to doing something like this is the activity of the thread. At the time of this posting, the old clubs are still active and people are still migrating over to this place.

So the setup would be like this: Week 0 - Universe

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4

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Depending on how big the universe is, 1 or 2 may go onto the knockout rounds

During each poll and thread, people are free to discuss who they think is the best out of the options to anything about the show/book’s universe.

How does this sound? It’s just something I hope will generate activity in the vampire genre forum.

Edit 01/08/2018: So it’s possible to do multiple polls in a posting. I may consider this for larger sets of vampire heats (ex. Twilight will have Cullens, Volturi, others; Vampire diaries universe will have TVD characters and Original in separate heats). Having multiple polls will have it go by faster.

Edit 10/08/2018: I’ll be using challonge to keep track of the battle once we reach the knockout rounds


This is quite interesting… sadly I never read any vamp books other than Twilight, The Leech Diaries and Bloodisters - none of which are any good. This’d go greatly in line with the other 12 vampire threads I’m launching on the 10th

This sounds extremely interesting and I’d love to see how it turns out!

Are we supposed to do anything at this stage, or are we waiting for the other club?

Just a proposal at this point. If you have any suggestions in terms of how it can be efficient or what fandoms to include or any other that may make this interesting, it can be suggested here.

I wonder if I can put in multiple polls in this thing:

  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d

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second set

  • e
  • f
  • g
  • h

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Yeah, I can do multiple heats in one posting. This would be great for the larger casts of vampires

Subscribe! (man that’s old to say)

Here’s hoping more people warm up to the idea.
While I haven’t set anything up yet, so far rounds before the knockout ones I have in mind are:

Battle of the Draculas (various incarnations of Dracula)
Twilight (multiple polls for this one)
Vampire Diaries universe (again multiple polls)
Vampire detectives (a list of well-known detectives who happen to be vampires)
Buffyverse (probably 2 polls for this?)
Comic book universes (vampires from various comic book universes)

If anyone else has list suggestions that could work feel free, or else I’ll be combining some into a category like femme fatales even if they’re from different universes.

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Does the anime/manga also count as comic book universe? I only a few though : P

probably can separate that. Will combine if there’s not enough for a poll.

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Up for this

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The Vampire Chronicles by itself has a gazillion vampire characters, but Lestat probably wins, just due to his intrinsic brat prince Lestatness.

I wouldn’t personally agree he’s objectively the best, but he is definitely their star vampire who uses protagonist powers to win.

But if we’re doing cross-universe categories, then tropes like “reluctant vampires” or “originators of the bloodline” or “noteable half vampires” could be categories.

Also, is there a category for like super-vampires or hybrids who clearly got extra powers? Like most of the protagonists in the Underworld franchise.

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I’m compiling the lists just to get a head start. If the categories get too big and this is still popular (or active) maybe there could be a season two. Now comes the hard decision whether I should go with cross universe focus first, or multiple universes first.

For cross universe, so far it’s Comic Books, Anime & Manga, and Detectives. Half vamps and hybrids are possible for the cross universe.

I have historical vampires as a possible category which would include Vlad Tepes (may shove him back in battle of the Draculas if the list isn’t large enough), Elizabeth Bathory, Mercy Brown for example, but that could be a bit niche?

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Aah, who needs bloody Mary when you got bloody Elizabeth :joy:

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