Battle Training Thread - Character Development

Hello, Wattpadian! If you are reading this, then this thread has caught your attention–or someone brought you here, but we can help you out, too! Now, we all know that developing a character can be an extensive process with lots of brainstorming, so we thought, why not brainstorm together? After all, they say two heads are better than one.

Here, you have the opportunity to do just that. But hold up, because this is no ordinary development thread. No, here, we like to take your characters and sharpen their skills until they are beautiful warriors.
So long as you have some vague idea of what you want your character to be, we can help out–or make our own characters trying. Whether they are to be used in your story or in a battle thread, this is the place to go if you want to give your fighter a little push.

We can handle a variety of needs, whether it be developing powers, fighting styles, skills, abilities, weaknesses, special moves, ultimates, or just giving them a general buff.

Note: anyone who comes here is free to enlist a character or give suggestions for developing someone else's character. Just because you might be struggling with your own character or have not made anything like this does not mean you can't pitch your ideas. Even the 'terrible' ones can bring out something beautiful.

Before, we get into all the good stuff, let’s take a look at the rules to make sure we got this down.


*don’t get mad at suggestions
*try not to be offended if someone doesn’t take your suggestion
*be respectful of others
*if a chat goes off-topic, please blur it
*follow the club guidelines
*if you get help, try to give help. If you can’t, that’s okay, but we just don’t want it to end up being a couple people trying to work on dozens of characters.

Rules may be updated as needed. We will have an ignore list for those who repetitively break the rules.

Character Sheets

Not a rule, but to make things easier, characters bios should be in google docs form. If you cannot, please put the bio in a hide details tab to keep things from getting cluttered. This is not an exact form; feel free to add things and change things as it fits.




Personality: (yes, your character’s personality can affect their fighting)


Appearance: (without any armor or equipment)

Base Stats: (before their abilities are activated. This describes their durabulity, their speed, their strength, their mental and spiritual capacity, etc)

Powers: (could be a great description of just telling what is their general area of expertise, like making fire or summoning dead)

Abilities: (anything mythical or scifiy, anything that is beyond the ‘normal’ spectrum of people’s abilities; this should be more specific than powers and can refer to specific abilities or spells)

Skills: (like things they they have trained in and developed, or things they are naturally gifted in)

Gear: (includes weapons, armor, and anything else they use)

Fighting Style: (this is the center of warrior. Check the listen below if you aren’t sure what style suits your character)

Theme: (when they come onto the battlefield, what do their enemies think? What kind of aura do they impose?)

Weaknesses: (they may not be kryptonite to Superman kind of weaknesses, but what can interrupt their abilities?)

Ultimate: (this is their final move for a do-or-die moment)

Remember that we are here to develop characters and in no way expect you to have this completely filled out. If there are any things that you have a general idea on, put them in the sheet with a (?) next to it, so we can be sure to know you want help in that area.

Happy Training!


references under construction
Fighting Styles

Stealth Agent
This fighting style refers to assassins, ninjas, snipers, illusionist, and the like who dress lightly to keep them from being dragged down as they hunt their targets. These are the characters who sneak around unseen, using their environment to their advantage. Let them out of your sight, and your death is guaranteed.

These fighters tend to be, well, like tanks, a powerful force that hits hard and stands strong. Often these characters have a high defense that allows them to take many more risks than your average fighter. Their attacks can be short-range or long-range, making them like missiles. Think dragons, rhinos, boxers, and shield knights.

We all know those wonderful quick-shots who can more than handle themselves in a showdown. Some pick their weapons carefully while others will use any gun they pick off a dead body. Whether they use handguns or long guns, pistols or rifles, when they get a firearm in hand, these guys get to work.

You know the drill. They uses swords and other elegant bladed weapons, usually in close-ranged combat. Slice-slice, you’re dead.

These guys are more dangerous from a distance. Snipers, archers, knife-throwers, and spear-throwers–all people you should hope to avoid if you’re exposed and alone.

A little different from tanks, these guys often have less defenses and a shorter range of attack. These guys would rather fight without any weapons, although they may resort to some knuckle rings or a knife every now and then. Trust me when i say you do not want to meet one alone in a dark alley.

Melee Fighter
Not a brawler, not a swordsman, these guys like to get all up in your face. They use weapons that serve as blunt attacks, like hammers and bo-staffs, or they can use sharp weapons, like spears and axes. This category also includes martial artists, those deadly funky fighters. Melee fighters tend to have moderate defenses, usually in some armor that will protect them but won’t be a big hindrance.

Key word: magic. there are usually two kinds of mages: the one who turns the ground beneath you to lava, and the one that sends a fireball hurling at your face. The first is an area-of-effect mage who often uses an attack that affects a massive area. They tend to tip the scales by changing the environment, be it conjuring a tornado or poisoning the air. The second kind is more of an elemental mage who uses their magic to attack directly. They are usually quick and light on their toes as they may need to move around a lot in battle. These guys are terrifying one-on-one, but can be overpowered with numbers.

Okay, this is not exactly a fighting style, but it is something some people are. These guys tend to stay back and give support to others. They could be healers, gunslingers, illusionists, or buffers. One thing is certain: these guys would rather just help others fight than fight themselves.

These guys do little or no fighting themselves. Rather, they like to summon something or someone else to fight for them. Some of them grow more powerful when working with their summons while others would only get in their way. Whether they are fighting in the front or leading from the back, these guys need to be taken down.

This is not a complete list, nor is it a definite one. There could be a stealthy sniper who summons an army to keep his prey distracted while he casts a trapping spell on the area. Now, that seems a little far-fetched, but the fact remains that no fighter is bound to just one style. Each character is unique and flies how the wind blows them.


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