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Forms here


Requesting an aesthetic:

2x6 3x9


Would you like the name/title in the middle of the aesthetic?:

Color scheme*:

Specific images:



Anything else?:


*Please try not to do four different colors at a time


Requesting a cover

Simple Minimal




Brief description/summary:



Color scheme:

Anything else?:


Lock screens

Requesting a lock screen:

Phone resolution:

Text/quotes/bubbles: optional

Color scheme:

Specific images:



Anything else?


Playlist (graphic form)

Requesting a playlist graphic:

type (character, chapter, ship, personal, story):



brief summary

character description:


artists/songs to be included:

artists/songs to be avoided:

color scheme/border:

Specific stickers/items:

Anything else?:


Dollify Edits (no longer offering at the moment

Requesting a Dollify edit:

Male Female Non-Binary

Hair length/style:

Hair color/eyebrow color:

Eye color: (both or different colors for opposite sides?)

Skin tone:


Specific features: freckles, mole, eyeglasses, jewelry, etc

Color scheme:


Specific images/items:


Anything else?:


Due to the proportioning of the image and this post box, you may have to open the image in a new tab to see it better


I do not take credit for the style or Dollify itself, but I do make edits. Dollify the app was created by Dave.xp, a designer on Instagram, so feel free to look at his amazing art. His app allows users to create their own Dolls and some designers, such as myself, make edits.

Most recent covers

Lock screens, which my style is kind of similar to an aesthetic but with a bit more to it

Playlists and Aesthetics

I’ve only done one playlist graphic before and I do aesthetics, but they’re all on my private IG so I’m just gonna have to upload examples here as they’re requested.

**Closing after final requests are picked up

*** To reiterate, payment is a follow and credit is always mandatory. I do not like doing graphics for free or without acknowledgement.

Completed queue

xangientx | completed | Dollify edit | post 24 | delivered (post 35)

philandry | completed | playlist graphic | post 15 | delivered (post 39)

Moxxxii | completed | Dollify edit | post 28 | delivered (post 60)

kkimberlyn | completed | Dollify edit | post 38 | delivered (post 68)

SuchithraBV | completed | Dollify edit | post 53 | delivered (post 98)

Moxxxii | completed | Dollify Edit | post 66 | delivered (post 110)

kkimberlyn | completed | simple cover | post 42 | delivered (post 122)

imtotallynotokay | completed | playlist graphic | post 49 | delivered (post 128)

LaBelle_Aurelie | completed | Aesthetic (3x9) | post 77 | delivered (post 138)

SuchithraBV | completed | Dollify edit | post 71 | delivered (post 139)


will be closing this thread permanently after final requests are picked up

Days until Christmas: 10



HEY, question! I absolutely adore the lockscreen collages and the layout of them, but would it be possible to request for a different size so that I could use it as a spotify playlist cover? :blush:

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Absolutely! It may not be as elaborate due to the resolution differences but yes, it can be done, because I just did one for an aesthetic and for a Spotify playlist.

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Requesting a Spotify Playlist Cover/Collage

Text/quotes/bubbles: his name would be great “Corvinus Dracul”

Color scheme: Black and gold. Very dark with gold influences like this

Specific images: Ploop

Items/themes: He’s a prince, soon to be king so anything involving golden crowns, throwns, etc. He’s also a messenger of death so dark and deathly looking omens. I can add some more ideas if you need!


Anything else? Layout Inspiration. I love how messy and collagey it looks !

Password: 43

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Oh my god, same. I’ve never really done a blended collage before, I mostly just stack the images, but I definitely wanna take a shot at this.

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type (character, chapter, ship, personal, story): story

title: evergreen

author: philandry

brief summary: beatrice wants to impress her mother over the christmas holiday and fake dates her old flame (tom hiddleston, it’s a fanfiction) to do so

character description: her faceclaim is meghan markle, blunt and impulsive personality

genre/mood: christmas but i included the songs i want haha

artists/songs to be included:

  1. Just Like Christmas by Low
  2. Last Christmas by Wham!
  3. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon
  4. Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney
  5. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Michael Buble
  6. Christmas Lights by Coldplay
  7. Always Something There To Remind Me by Naked Eyes
  8. Winter Winds by Mumford & Sons
  9. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes
  10. Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen
  11. Perfect by Ed Sheeran
  12. Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins
  13. All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey

artists/songs to be avoided: anything not in the list haha

color scheme/border: christmas colors like red, green, gold etc ya know

Specific stickers/items: i dont have anything in mind i feel like you have a good idea of the Christmas spirit/vibe

Anything else?: 44 DAYS WOO, thanks for your time :heart: even if I’m not accepted

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Hi! Just a reminder, the playlist WILL be in graphic form if that’s okay?

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Is there another inspirational style you may be interested in? I’m using mobile since I’m not able to use the program on my computer right now, and I’m having a bit of trouble with the blended style.

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Yes! That’s perfect

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I’ll look and see if I can find something

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