BDaD 296: Cinnamon Roll Party (The Tour is Currently In: Cleveland)

Insert intro + Header Welcome back to Vintage BDaD!

Yep, we’re still here! Still nuts and still trying to get each other discovered, one small step at a time!

This Thread is titled Cinnamon Roll Party for our most precious of children… Our dearly beloved cinnamon rolls, who often take far more than their fair share of our shit than they deserve by virtue of being cinnamon rolls. Scroll down to meet some of them!

Two things to cover:

First, since this is not a highly moderated thread as of this time, please consider this a relatively safe space. I will help bury whatever is said if need be.

Second, scroll down for the history of BDaD and why I’m still here on this old thread.

An old thread

A thread history when I’m not lazy or working or doing other things eventually I swear

Thread Queen/Leader/Head Bitch In Charge/Something: @LauraPWrites

Thread Jester: @C00XC01

SQUIPed: @Olivaughn

If any other regular participants want to be on here, just let me know.

I might eventually make a tag list as well.

Cai is our oldest member, having been here since thread 1.

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Some Cinnamon Rolls

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Freely commiserate, children!

Conan and Gregor are my only cinnamon rolls thank you.
They will trump all other rolls.
The only thing your failed sweeties will be doing is (cinnamon) ROLLING IN THEIR GRAVES.

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Piiii you must tag me too k

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Wius lavus orus latinus languageus


I need to think of somethinnnnnnnng xD

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You must not be aware of Kimmy’s Cinnamon Roll collection.

It is ridiculous.

Mine pales in comparison.


What do you guys think of this opening?

There’s something about being forced to talk to a homophobe that just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I’m doing a good job of acting like I don’t really care, though – because, when we’re in public together, David Marquez makes it seem like we’re still best friends.

He’s maybe five foot, with the widest chocolate eyes you’ve ever seen that just scream innocence and a stocky swimmer’s frame. Usually, he dresses as Well-Mannered South Dakotan Boy as possible - nice trousers; small collection of short sleeved shirts; neatly-gelled hair he must spend ages on after swim practice in the mornings. He’s adorable, quite frankly.

It’s hard to resist his wiles. It’s a good thing that we still manage to have those alone moments that show me how he really feels about me - otherwise, I might still think we’re friends.

O.o o.O

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@Kimmy_Grace and I just need to make a League of Boys together - we’ll have Soft Bois, Hard Bois, Bad Bois, Sweet Bois, Spicy Bois, Salty Bois, Witty Bois – just, all the bois.

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Gud opening <333333333333

also homophobe o.o


What did you do to David I thought he was nice

Thanks; I’m rewritng my novella (SHH DON’T TELL ANYONE) and I really have no idea what I’m doing. At all.

he is wait did you ever finish cg? because this is all for my rewrite it’s gonna be a total twist

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I ruin people when I’m on coffee, you guys

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Cinnamon rolls