BD's Novel Writing Group! (Four Spots Left)


Best Destiny Writing: A Support Group
A brand new instructional resource for the Wattpad community!

Are you lacking the motivation to outline, draft, or edit your work in progress?

Are you stuck on one aspect of the writing process and don’t know where to go next?

Would you benefit from a group of writers with whom you can discuss ideas, access resources, explore new plots, and receive honest feedback?

The Best Destiny Group is hosting a growth-driven instructional support program focused on the drafting process. We will work through the ups and downs of outlining, world building, drafting, and editing with each member on a one-by-one basis.

Over a four-month period (roughly) we will help you craft a first draft—critiques, helpful resources, and educational advice all included with membership! This quarter, we will be working with fantasy writers.
If you want to write about werewolves, magic users, chosen ones, and mystical realms, we’d love to help you along your journey to publishing on wattpad.

Feel free to ask questions, or contact us for more details!

Note: We speak through discord, so be open to using that app.

The Application
(Message this to @BestDestinyCrew to join)

Applicant’s preferred Name:
Preferred pronouns:
Age range:
Weekly availability:
Preferred genres to write:
Favorite tropes and plot devices:
What are your writing-relevant goals?:
Your strengths as a writer:
Your weaknesses as a writer:
Plotter or pantser?:
Link to writing sample (optional):



Still open!


This sounds interesting.


Thank you!
We sure hope so!


Do you have any questions for us?


wow, this sounds so cool!
This is free right? Or do we have to like pay?


Completely free


I would love to try this out if there is still space available. :slight_smile:


We do still have spaces remaining. Message us for more information.


To where would I send a message?


Send it to @BestDestinyCrew. Ask for Luna.


Still taking applicants.


Is this still open? Cause i’d like to join if it’s okay


Is this still open?


We are still open. Message us and ask for Luna.


Yes, indeed!


Where can i message you?


@BestDestinyCrew please! We respond through this account.


Still open!

This service is basically a “how-to” writing seminar-style group. Tips and resources will be shared.

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Oo I wanna join, I would love to try out writing Fantasy.