Be A Part of Wattpad's Hackathon!

We want to feature our amazing Wattpadders in our Hackathon presentation!

If you’d like to be featured in our hack which will only be shown to staff in the office this afternoon, with a short video message, please DM me at zoedinovi on Wattpad.

What should/could my video message say?
Tell us why you’d like to see story reviews/badges on Wattpad!
Keep it short - 10-30 seconds!
Get creative!

Don’t want to show your face? Wear a mask!
Are you shy? Make a cute video message using written words or figurines? It’s your choice!

Deadline: 2 pm EST (New york city time) today!!!

If you’re interested, private message me at zoedinovi on Wattpad and I’ll PM you my email address to send your video.

What’s a Hackathon?
A Hackathon is 1-2 days where Wattpad employees switch up their teams to try to build/ explore something they love! We try to do it a couple of times a year to keep our creative juices flowing / think outside the box, and to instil a little bit of healthy competition since the results are judged and winners are announced!

Original Post about story reviews on Wattpad:

We’ll also just take a selfie lol!


Can I send a selfie? Really? Count me in!

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Yesssss!!! Do it! I love it!!!

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I’ll PM you on Wattpad right now. Same username, right? Just checking and confirming, Zoe :slight_smile:


Yes!!! Thank you so much!!

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Done =] Can you please have a look?

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I mean, it is almost Halloween!


If you open it up to dog photos, I gotchu. My dog was the real inspiration behind my suggestions. I just imagined sitting with her on the couch, sharing my reviews with her as she chewed on her toy.

And let’s be honest - you’re more likely to win with dog photos. I mean, that’s what would sell it for me. :woman_shrugging:t2:

(Really, I’m just at work and can’t snap a video/selfie at the moment :joy:)


I might do it using a voice changer and an emoji mask :joy::v:

Not sure what to say in the video yet :sweat_smile:

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Darn it. Time Zones.




I was just at dinner. Had I known I would’ve totally done this, but alas I’m too late.


This would have been fun :slight_smile:

@Nablai yes Nabby!

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Lol yeah, I am in the EST time zone, but ya know… Classes.

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I’m 6 hours ahead but my computer is on CST so for a second I thought I had a chance, but my hopes shattered when I consulted my world clock.

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Awe >.<

I wonder if their concludes the Hackathon :thinking: