Be my beta reader, and I'll be yours! [CLOSED]

Hey, you guys! I’m in the middle of revising a story that I finished writing recently, and I need a beta reader to go over the second draft once I’m done with it. While this is a fanfiction, no knowledge of the fandom’s canon is at all necessary to be able to read it. Here is the story info:

TITLE: Wayfarer

GENRE: fanfiction

SUB-GENRES: reader-insert fanfiction, Gravity Falls fanfiction

WORD COUNT: 91k words (this is the rough draft length; second draft that you will be reading may be longer or shorter)

DESCRIPTION: After an awful year at school, twenty-year-old college student (Y/N) (L/N) decides to head on a road trip through the western United States to wind down and relax. However, her trip proves to be anything but relaxing when a strange man named Bill Cipher joins her on her journey.

Rated PG-13 for some swearing, alcohol usage, and scenes of violence.


Your job would mainly be to comment on the overall characterization, plot continuity, and believability of the story, treating the work as its own independent narrative separate from canon. Please don’t sweat the small details too much, as I am on a schedule and want this done within a certain period of time. I especially want to know if the character representing the reader is believable and someone that readers can actually identify with.


  • Be able to work via Google Docs.
  • Stay in regular contact with me in case of delays, etc.
  • Be able to complete the job in roughly 1 month.


  • A shout-out on the first page of the new version of Wayfarer.
  • Feedback on one of your works, either on Wattpad or on Google Docs, PROVIDED that the work’s word count is 100k or lower and it is in English. I can offer feedback on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the like, as well as plot, characterization, etc.

If you are interested in taking up my offer, please DM me and let’s talk!


Hey! I don’t mind being your beta reader as I’m not that busy, but I am fairly new to Wattpad (heads up). I’d probably comment more on plot, characters, believability, etc. than grammar. Let me know if you still need a beta reader! :blush:

Hello, your story seems interesting and I LOVE Gravity falls and have seen the final episodes with Bill Cypher as well. I will treat this work as its own story. I have a dark paranormal urban fantasy (It’s basically completed at 90K - possibly 93K or so when done. I have ONE more chapter - which I will probably finish off today/tomorrow). If you could comment, not so much on grammar, as I will be getting an editor shortly after. I just need a look over at characters, flow, plot, cohesion, and (if you are truly interested and like my story - inputs to give me for what I have in book two).

If you still need a Beta Reader, I too am on a time schedule. So we can work together at this!

That’s totally fine! DM me and let’s talk about further details to see if you’ll be a good fit!

That’s fantastic! I’m not done with the second draft yet, so it’s cool that your story isn’t done yet, either. DM me and let’s talk about schedules and other further details to see if we’ll be good matches for each other as beta readers!

interested :smiley:

I would love to be a beta reader, as I love to read fanfics of media I love. I have several stories I’m working on but the main one is my Undertale fanfic that I made for my own Undertale AU and the fanfic is called “the meglomaniac” ((also, the current version up isn’t the one I want a beta reader for))

Cool! Sorry for the late reply; I haven’t checked my notifications on the forums for a while. DM me and let’s talk about whether we’ll be a good fit for each other!

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That’s cool; I also want feedback on a different version of my fic than what is currently up on Wattpad. DM me and let’s talk!

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