Become a mini e-book author for World Water Day writing project



Hi, I am organizing and coordinating a writing project on upcoming world water day.

If your story is good I may edit it, design a book cover, feature it in one of my videos and write a blog post. See my official video on my writing project on world water day. I got UN approval for this :slight_smile:

It is also registered as an event with UN Water

The Legacies.
Short Story - General
What's The Most Challenging Thing You've Ever Tried in a WIP?

I like eating ice. :smiley:

That counts as liking water, right?


I think yes :joy: :ice_cream:


I like water guns, does that count?


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Ice :slight_smile: it really can melt your heart. Or warm you up even. Surprising :slight_smile: all thanks to water :slight_smile:


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Toy ones. Wow. Please write a story on that and send it to me for editing :slight_smile:


I have a hunch that these writers will also like ice


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The WWD project was really a great experience… I guess not only for me, but also for all the authors included in this project as well. This was my first story where I tried to expiate my ideas for conservation of water based on my existing knowledge of science. Water is an essential resource of our lives and we shall realise it’s worth, before it is too late. I would really love to thank Chinthaka sir for inviting me to participate in this project and editing and enhancing my 500 word draft story. Without his help, it would have been impossible. I would also like to say that with this project, I met some very awesome writers who are excessively talented. I hope that this project is a massive success. Cheers to Chinthaka sir and all the co-authors of this project.


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I know <3 It’s also very crunchy.


Oh dear Cynthia it was such a pleasure to work with you. Will you by Manager - Hindi and Korean ALWAYS? :wink:


Yeah. But ice is not what you should focus on :slight_smile: IT IS ABOUT WATER :slight_smile:


Yes. Without water there is no ice and no water tribe :frowning:


I would love to be one - Always! :smile: