Become a mini e-book author for World Water Day writing project



It is a pleasure to work with you, Chinthaka, in your writing project. You’ve directed me every bit of the way and you’ve provided a lot of support even in areas I’m a little experienced. You’ve designed my ebook cover, instructed me during the writing process and corrected my draft before it becomes publishable. You’re one of a few million editors I would love to work with in the future. Being patient, understanding, instructing and directing are some of the qualities an editor needs to possess and you did exhibit all of them.

I hope also the other co-authors in this writing project will benefit from this project from writing to realising their writing dreams come true. Above all, I hope through this project the world will be informed on the need to preserve, use it properly and know water is precious we should conserve it as it’s percentage is declining every year.


Oh Benny I did not do much:) Wish you all the best to become the most sought-after author in Kenya :slight_smile:


Chinthaka’s idea is really genius. It’s a wonderful job what he is doing but more wonderful is that and thanks to him I’ve been part of this project.Wish lots of succes in the future.


Thank you😁 I hope so


Myuni dear :slight_smile: I had a wonderful time working with you :slight_smile: all the work you did :slight_smile: I only showed you the way :slight_smile:

It should be specially mentioned here that you are the first writer I met from Albania and also from Greece :slight_smile: Hope you would soon go for a Greek translation of the mini e-book on water day and continue to stay with my future projects as well :slight_smile:


hey hey hey!


Hi Sumedyh it’s so nice to have you in the forum. The FIRST person to join WRIPE 5 :smile: welcome! Welcome!!


Thnx for your wonderful words. I will try today but because of the flu I just sleep all the time :slight_smile:


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Hi hi how you doing :slight_smile: welcome to water day forum :slight_smile:


I feel myself lucky to be a part of the Worlld Water Day project. Water is the basic element of life, and efforts have been made, and are being made every day, to spread awareness about water conservation. But here, we have a different way of doing that, the beauty of this writing project is that unlike stressing on do’s and don’ts, it rather takes you to a different world, through a story, and it makes you think, and then motivates you.
I highly appreciate this initiative by Chinthaka sir. As a part of this project, I also wrote a simple story about water conservation, which was beautified by his editing.
Apart from this, the stories by my fellow writers, the other participants of the project, are fantastic. Congratulations to you all.


I’m totally in because I knw how important water is to us and the environment


The WWD was a really great experience. All thanks to Chinthaka sir for inviting me for this project. The project is not only interesting but spreads awareness about the conservation of the most important asset nature has provided us with- Water. Chinthaka Sir also edited my story and prepared a beautiful cover for my story. I encourage more authors to join this project


Water is my favourite drink. Can we add water benders to the game too?:slight_smile::slight_smile:


Water benders? :smile:


I understand how water is important for us humans and animals. I like to drink it everyday :droplet:


Without water, all thing would crease to exist


Hi Reynolds :slight_smile: so nice to have you in the forum :slight_smile: we all welcome you warmly :slight_smile:


Thank you


We all are interested in knowing about the writing challenges you faced when you wrote that captivating mini e-book : REEF CITY UNDERWATER - WATER FOR ALL : LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND :slight_smile: