Become a mini e-book author for World Water Day writing project



Well… I never accepted a challenge before and I thought I could give it a go


And also, I’m a big animal lover


Without water, it’ll be hard for animals and humans to find something to drink


Thats great! You wanted to accept a challenge :slight_smile: so whats your message to future participants of the project :slight_smile:






I encouraged everyone to join this challenge to help spread the message about the importance of water


So yeah


I liked your idea to focus on the most inevitable part of life. It was a great opportunity for me to do the collaboration with you in this venture.


Thanks Jagriti for taking your time to visit the forum :slight_smile:


Let me ask you a simple question for the benefit of our visitors to our forum. What are the challenges you faced during the publishing of your mini e-book :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone!

Please take note of this Wattpad user:

This Wattpad user called ‘nightgiver’ joined my 5th writing project (WRIPE-5) which I am coordinating and organizing through Wattpad with the support of UN-Water. The project focuses on World Water Day 2019 due March 22. Only weeks left :frowning:

Official video also released:

This event has been approved by UN Water.

This Wattpad user called ‘nightgiver’ communicated with me through personal messaging and accepted my invitation to join my writing project. He wrote a story focusing on World Water Day 2019 and I edited it. I also designed for him an attractive book cover.

Using the edited word document and the JPEG image of the book cover I designed, he published the story under my instructions.

However, when I informed him that it would be nice if he can update his wattpad profile with the water day official logo (all other participants of the writing project did it) - he deleted the story.

He was within his rights to delete the story and not to use the water day official logo on his profile. That’s perfectly ok.

But then what he did was - he published a new story USING MY OWN BOOK COVER to convey a common message to the Wattapd community that my writing project is a scam!

I entirely deny his groundless and ridiculous accusation.

Please be informed about this incident before you interact with this person.


Chinthaka Nanayakkara
Colombo, Sri Lanka


Oh my


Hey how is your draft on the mini e-book? Any issues? :slight_smile:


Mystique … you ok?


Sorry, just been really busy in school, with all these exams and whatnot.


So glad to have you back :slight_smile: any issues with this mini e-book project? Not interesting :slight_smile: ?


No, of course not. Just really been busy.


Just a question, is there a specific deadline for this?


About one week before world water day - 2019 march 22 :slight_smile: