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title: Merchant Queen’s Ledger
authour: KateKarl Lanier
style: Something like your Halley’s Comet is perfect
ideas: Ocean, ships, map lines (preferably w/o recognizable modern places,) anything naval/marine and fantasy looking
colours: dark blues, maybe dark purples. Whatever strikes your fancy works in the end.
other*: Thank you for your time!


title: Elysia: The Wasteworld
subtitle*: none
authour: Skye Sweven
style: Dark, Dystopian
ideas: Deserts, Canyons, Ruins, Cities
colours: Red, Black, Orange, Beige
images*: My current cover is

other*: Please make it look intimidating but not too much:) Thanks!

Also, can I apply for a story ad, too?


Sweet! I’ll fill in the form, then.

title: Carrion Girl
subtitle*: -
authour: W.S. Yeo
style: Dark, mysterious, manipulated, symbolic, object-based rather than model-based
ideas: A silhouette of a raven in front of a full moon, with human bones scattered around.
colours: Black, silver, red
images*: -
other*: I guess that’s it! Thank you so much in advance. :blush: This story will be posted on my alt account.


main text*: The Rider’s Legacy
other text*:
style: Dark and ominous.
ideas: I really like the dragon silhouette you have on the example cover of Esmera. I was thinking of a girl with a sword and a burning city behind her.
colours: Orange from the fire, black and blues - I’m not really certain on this but as long as it seems ominous, I’m good.
image Something like this would be great.
other*: No, but feel free to ask me Questions. This is a cute thread btw:honeybee:


@KateKarlLanier @SkyeSweven @SaintCorvus @saoigreen


your graphics will be with you in the next few days!


Thank you so much!


Thanks a lot! Looking forward to it!


Thank you!


Thank you!


Thank You :sparkles::honeybee:


i hope this is what you’re looking for! if not i do offer one redo per request and i’m happy to make any small changes you’d like!


it looks wonderful! thank you so much :slight_smile:


i’m glad you were happy with the previous request! i hope you like this one as well but if not the same goes as before - one redo and any small changes :slight_smile:


thank you so much! it’s so good!


i hope you like this - i was a little unsure if it’s the vibe you wanted. if it’s too dark and morose let me know and i can make another one that’s happier if that’s what you’re looking for. as well as one redo i also offer any small changes you’d like (colours, fonts etc)


I love it! Could you also make it in color as well just to see the difference?I will be using it


here is your cover(s)! i hope one of them is what you’re looking for. if not i do offer one redo per request and i’ll be happy to make any smalls changes for you!


Normally I’d be more than happy to do that but unfortunately I can only find that particular image in black and white. If you’d like me to change the image I could try that for a colour version?


Sure it is isn’t too much trouble for you


here is your cover(s) for your second request! i hope you like them. if not i do offer one redo per request and i’ll be happy to make any smalls changes for you!