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your cover will be with your within the next day or so!


thank you so much! They’re great!


Hey again! I was wondering if I could get a blank version of my cover with just your watermark attached? I understand if you don’t do that, though!


what do you mean by blank, exactly? the background gone…? or the writing gone? i’m sure it won’t be an issue but if you could just clarify that would be great!


I mean the writing gone (except for your watermark, of course!)


yes, that’s fine! can i ask what you want it for?
do you also want the white border gone?


The border is fine! I have a few text websites I like playing around with and would enjoy messing around with fonts. I absolutely love your background and border, so it would make a nice base.


thank you!!!


i hope this is what you’re looking for! if not i do offer one redo per request and i’m happy to make any small changes you’d like!


here you are! i’m sorry i didn’t get the font quite how you wanted.


All good! Thank you bunches!! :smiley:


Oh I love it! Thank you so much!!


Beautiful! Thank you


i hope this is what you’re looking for! if not i do offer one redo per request and i’m happy to make any small changes you’d like!


That’s Great! Thank you so much!! i’m going to use the Second One.




title: The End of the World and Other Crappy Things
authour: Nicki or colourthestars- (whichever is best)
style: I’m going for a more simplistic/minimalistic style, sort of like a text-based cover.
ideas: I’m going for a minimalist vibe. I can’t describe it very well but the inspiration covers is essentially what I’m going for. I was thinking of having either a red or blue (I don’t mind either since both colours would work with the theme of the book) background. On the cover, maybe have a picture of the Earth, or a girl.
colours: red OR blue
images*: some inspiration:
other*: thanks so much if you accept!


title: Phantom Tap
authour: _huckleberry
style: noir : simple, dark, neon if you can
ideas: a drink, a bartender (whose face is hidden), smoking (or vaping, whatever), maybe a wilting flower as that will come into play, a faded person
colours: black, deep purple, deep blue, neon blues and pinks

other*: The images above are just inspiration and an example of the vibe I’m going for. Thank you so much!!


I’m just wondering if you’re able to make a series of covers (the same as the one you just made with different titles)? (More intense reds each cover)
Royal Ember
Shifting Fire
Sovereign Blaze
Inferno Twelve
If this is possible that would be amazing I’m not sure what payment you’d want for that so shoot me a message :smiley: And thank you lots


@colourthestars @_huckleberry @BrittByTheRiver


your graphics will be with you within the next day.

@BrittByTheRiver no payment required! It’s a fairly simple task so I’ll just class it as a request :slight_smile: do you want the same background for each just with more intense red? title colours may need to be adjusted along the way to keep it visible