Beginning Werewolf Writer | HELP | Advice Needed

I’m interested in writing a werewolf story, and I want to hear feedback on the ins and outs; the do’s and don’t’s per say.

I’m going to world build from scratch. Any advice on that?

I also want to set myself up to write a sequel about another pack-pair. Any good ways to do that other than making the audience fall in love with them?

Excited to hear back from you wonderful were-lovers. Please feel free to share what worked for you and what didn’t!


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My werewolves are gods of Norse mythology and they got the gift from Fenriz.

Try out to find a unique way to get lycanthropy. Perhaps through magic or due of a plant. Just use your imagination.

There could be different packs and each of them are based on myths. One of them is based on the stories that are known in insert country and the other pack is based on the stories you know from insert country.

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I can’t really give you advice on world building. I took my own angle at a lot of things in the werewolf story I’m working at.
Make sure you think about: how matings work, how the shifting happens, hierarchy etc… Write it down, so you won’t forget :slight_smile:

I’m working on 5 stories with one big plot line and every book revolves around a different couple :slight_smile:
What do you mean by another way than the audience to fall in love with them?


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When world building make sure things link up and make sense working the world. Give reasons, history and events surrounding things like packs, their chosen area to reside in etc. Relationships within the pack )if you go for packs) and dynamics like how they’re lead, why the hierarchy is the way it is etc. Do they interact with humans and if so do humans know about them? Are there other beings in the world?

Are your wolves exceptionally gifted at something? If so are they all the same or only some of them gifted, why?

Celebrations, holidays etc. Do they celebrate normal human traditions or do they have their own?

If you want to write a sequel I would suggest planting seeds in sub plots through your book and let them grow through the story. Once you really get into writing it however I’m sure ideas for a sequel.will.come easily, especially if you have a bit of world building done. Readers pick up on some really subtle things so if you hint at another couple potentially being a thing or end the book with a plot that could grow immediately into a new bool then go for it! I would say to jusr fpcus on bool 1 before even thinking about a second one.

Above all else don’t let yourself get bogged down with all the days a of your world and don’t forget to write :heart:


Taking notes for myself from this one :slight_smile: thank you!

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@NerdMusik @WolfUnderTheMoon89 @odemira

You guys are LITERALLY the best. Thanks so much :bluehearts:


No problem.

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I’m currently writing my first werewolf based story (among two others that I’m writing) and I just changed certain aspects of what I’d normally seen. I wish you luck and all the writing vibes in your world building and your story! (I’ve never done such a thing as world building)


You’re very welcome! Good luck with your story!!! <3

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