Behind The Screens



So, I can’t find another thread that does this, if there is you can let me know.

I thought it would be cool to meet the people behind the screens! Those who spend their time writing amazing stories to share with the world! Just share a picture of yourself and show the world who you are!

I only want positivity in this thread. So, if you have anything negative to say… don’t.

I’ll start I guess!

This is me procrastinating writing…


You’re really good looking… sees herself out


Awe, thanks.

Fun fact: I’m a Slytherin.




Really??? I would never have guessed :open_mouth: ahaha




I want to see talented writers faces and/or pets.


Damn Finn, you’re a very pretty person.


Here’s me with no hat on. It’s also my hair, fun fact.


I love your scarf :heart_eyes:


Thank you!

Fun story about that bandanna, I once worked as a cleaning lady on a mental hospital and a patient asked if I was Tupac. I’m a very white lady. Now I can only think of Tupac when I wear it :joy:


:laughing::laughing: Tupac of Denmark then?


Hahaha yes, that’s me! :muscle:


Hair is good. Bandanna is great. Compliment makes me fuzzy inside.

P.S. I also have a bandanna. I wear it everywhere now.


The holy trinity! :muscle:

Bandannas make me feel all pin-up’y and pretty :sparkles:


Yuh, I agree. U good lookn. And good photo

As for me, you already see what I look like :wink:
My profile pic is cartoon me drawn by me


They make me feel like a gay badass in training


Can you upload it properly so we can see it in all it glory???

Pretty, pretty please???


Gay badass and white and female Tupac!

The oddest pair of crime solvers.


Hell yeah! What should our team name be?


Frayed Finnders.

Because my name is Fray and yours is Finn. :sunglasses: