Behind The Screens


Ayyyyye, that’s actually pretty good lmao


This is my shitty superpower. I can always come up with a company name in no time! :muscle:


Oooo, I bet that comes in handy when writing!

Would that mean you’re also good at coming up with character names, book titles, and other things of the sort?



Now that I look at it again… I wish i did better on the skin tone… more yellow, less red… :thinking:

Edit/Disclaimer= I may look 12, but don’t worry, I’m nearly 20




Thanks! :blush:


It actually does! :joy: I just wish I wrote more stories that needed it.

It’s never the hardest part of writing, tbh. But the titles always just kind of… Happen. But then again, my own titles aren’t very imaginative. So I guess it’s a subjective opinion?


You probably look great in it. :blush:


Titles do kind of just happen… I actually have had a few beta readers of one of my books praise my title. Like, seriously praise it. And I’m like “yeah cool, but how was the story?”


I might have to find and share a picture…


As some already know… I am actually a cat.


Aawwww fuck. And they never said anything beyond praising the title?


You’re my fave cat here :cat2:


An absolutely beautiful cat. My god. Glorious.


You’re a boss. :fire:


Nah, they did. Someone wrote a literal 15 page beta report for it.

Which, when I get time, I’m gonna use that to do some editing


Jesus fucking Christ, that’s intense. But also amazing!


I know right??

But yeah, at the top it was like I love your title!! cause it’s both has a literal meaning and metaphorical meaning the story and I’m very proud of myself tbh

P.S I’m trying to find a photo of me with my bandanna on


Is it “If Walls Could Talk” ?


Maybe… are you stalking me? :joy: