Behind The Screens


I’m gonna serenade the hell out of everyone!

That’s the way to choose your life path :slight_smile:

I was actually told that I wouldn’t get anywhere living my life out of spite. So, out of spite, I’m gonna get everywhere in my life out of spite.


Spite is a very good source of motivation. :joy:


Who wants to see something out of complete boredom?


Is it weird? :sweat_smile:


… define weird?


Yaaasss! :musical_note:

People who say, spite won’t get you anywhere, has never wanted it enough.


Dunno. A fish eating a person ?:zipper_mouth_face:


I mean, I would show my singing, but I don’t think I can share links here, so a photoshopped picture is the best I can do.


It’s the best! :joy:


Right? It only works if it’s something you really want.


And if it’s the right person you wanna spite.

My next goal is to get an art book published, have a launch and invite my teacher :slight_smile:


Damn that’s petty. And I thought I kept a grudge for too long. :laughing:


Now this image is titled “Pieces Of Me” which was the name I was gonna give me album when I wrote it lmao, so I’m guessing I made this to be the cover or something.



Now THAT is spiteful and I love it


Oohh, she was horrible to me. And I’m petty enough to do this - also since it’s just such a good motivator :joy:


Spite queen :crown:


It looks a lot like collage work near the eyes. :blush:


Loving this! :sparkles:


I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds like a good thing


It is. :heart: