Behind The Screens


So much positive energy in here. I love it.


All hail the queen. May she reign long.


Spite and positivity :heart:


The best two ingredients!


A pinch of angst

A spoonful of love

A bucket of spite

and a hug of positivity

That’s how you get a creative success!


I need to start spiting more people then. :joy:


Oh no no, spite isn’t about hate.

Hate is something that’ll drive you mad.

Spite is more like… “HAH BITCH, YOU THOUGHT!” - so not hate or love but it’s obviously not indifference either.


Thought they were around the same thing. Just on different degrees. :sweat_smile:


Yes, this.

Also, I beat the system and put me singing in my bio thing.

Take that Wattpad. Telling me I can’t do something.


Did you know Wattpad was hosting a singing competition? Wattpad got talent or something. I think it finished. :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m not that good lmao

But really?




Wow, I really don’t know anything ever.


Oh nah. I don’t hate my teacher. I just wanna be so much better than she ever was. I just wanna beat her at her own game.

People I hate, I want to just cease to exist. I don’t want my teacher to not exist - then I wouldn’t be able to rub it in her face :joy:

I’m pretty sure you can share links, my dude.

Like this:


I only knew because a person who I follow mentioned it. Wattpad stinks at advertising their own stuff.


Well, fuck a fridge and call me David Bowie


They truly do, Goddamn


Fucking the fridge sounds unsanitary. But I’ll call you David Bowie any day :smirk:

#99 The profile of the account hosting it.


Erm no thanks, but okay, if you say so Mr. Bowie