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What’s the best advice you can give to a new Wattpad member? If you are at trust level 2 ‘Member’ you can add your voice here.

Write what you love and don’t worry if anyone else likes it. The most important thing is that it makes you happy. - Katherine :katherinearlene:

Don’t stress about the reads. Focus on enjoying what you write because nothing else matters as long as you’re enjoying it. A lack of reads is not an indication of a bad book. -Prisim :prisim:

There is you, and there is everyone else. Focus on what you think rocks in a story, focus on writing journey, the friends you meet. You’ll get something that works someday. -L.W. Flouisa :sarahweaver6:

One of the biggest struggles is to start writing. But don’t worry about getting it perfect first try - as long as you have the basics down, you can always edit it later :slight_smile: - @MysticFate

Follow the WP rules, be yourself but don’t be a troll or jerk and be social if you want to get noticed :smiley: -Angel :vampire: (I don’t have my own emoji)

Believe in yourself, be patient and persistent :slight_smile: Success favours the brave and those who dare to dream - Nab =]

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” —Theodore Roosevelt

Don’t be afraid to try new things, enter contests and comment your thoughts to stories. Try to write, don’t be shy! Be social as much as you can! Have fun! And if you fail on some things, try again and again, without losing your hope, because road to success comes from failures and mistakes. - Ayaz (@EagleFromAL) :sunglasses:

Interact with the community and have fun! - Jane (@FireAlwaysReturns) <3

Write about the things that interest YOU. Write a story that highlights YOUR passions and unique knowledge/experience of the world. Blaze your own trail even if it’s in a terrain that’s not popular or trending. Writing should be about the inner journey and not the external rewards. ~
@MarilynAHepburn :gift_heart:

No matter what, remember to always have fun. Have fun with writing, with promoting and with editing. What’s the point if it ain’t fun?
xo @AWFrasier :frog:

Experiment. Maybe you’ll find that poetry is your thing. Or maybe you’ll decide that, ‘Wow, I love writing sci-fi!’ Just try things, experiment. And don’t stress too much about reads and votes. They don’t really matter, in the long run. @MistickMage :deer:

Remember that what you write on here can be a first draft or a twentieth draft–it doesn’t matter. If you feel intimidated by the effort put into published works, remember that they went through various drafts and rewrites. If that’s where you want to be one day, you’ll get there! Just keep at it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. @Arynneva

Keep writing. You may not be good at first but, keep trying and keep writing more and you may get more better and better. Like a quote says “Writing is a exploration: You start from nothing and learn as you go”
So, don’t give up and if you enjoy writing, you don’t need to worry about votes, you should keep writing if you enjoy it. @Poamzi48585

Write for yourself before you write for anyone else. Be weird, be adventurous, be daring, be the author of books you want to read. Only you can tell your stories. @Xenoclea :sparkles:

Write the stories that you’re most passionate about. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. :lumi:

(since everyone gave great advice for writing) Backup your works if they are important to you!! Use Google docs, Microsoft word, even your email drafts! Things might unexpectedly happen (e.g: glitches, your computer, wifi problems, etc), so always have a copy or two of your works- trust me, it’s better to be safe than sorry. @Lilly_B_L :kissing_heart:

Listen when people (especially if you asked them to) critique/ write a harsh review your story. I know it hurts, but it’ll be better in the long run! Thank your readers. Be gracious. Follow back. Write something that you want to write, whether it’s fanfiction, cliché, or a completely new idea, YOU are the only one who can write that story, - @RavenclawProdigy

Don’t be afraid to ask for help :slight_smile: - @JaguarLove135

Be open to learning! Even with professional writers, there’s always advice that can be given! When writing, reply and listen to the few that comment! But, remember that comments are more of a rare occurrence than anything in the site, so if you go looking for feedback it might not come naturally. It doesn’t mean that you don’t write well, only cementing the fact that so many readers on Wattpad are completely silent. Don’t be afraid to ask around and to join book clubs and make friends so that you’re interacting more and you get the most out of what Wattpad has to offer! - @LightenTheShadows

Write for yourself. Write what you want to. Eventually, if you don’t already, you’ll learn to love it. Be kind and don’t give up. Keep writing and never be afraid to ask for help! - @shadowsettle :stars:

It may seem intimidating when starting out because there’s going to be all these people with tons of reads and whatnot, but don’t let that stop you from writing! Writing doesn’t mean instant fame! It’s about writing what you love. It’s about pushing boundaries and expanding. Keep this in mind: The more you write, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you grow. The more you grow, the better writer you will become. - @xbatmanrobinx :hearts:

Stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique, you are capable, and your voice is needed. Don’t give the read count or follower count of others the power to hurt you or your writing. -@DumDumPops4 :star:

Do not be scared of your writing skills! Sure, you may need to grow and develop your skills as a writer, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to mess up your story. That’s why the editing process is a thing, it’s meant to clean up with story and make it better! Also, try understanding that writing skills take time and effort. However, anyone who puts in the time and hardwork can become a great writer no matter who you are. Remember that you got this! :nerd_face: -@Paris_is_Writing

Do not be afraid to explore Wattpad. Wattpad is a big platform with millions of users from all over the world and there are so many things going on- from contests to chats to writing and reading. Enjoy talking to users, exploring and writing stories. Have fun exploring! @TTBMBFF

Honestly, use Wattpad as a tool. Be open to learning from other writers and community members. Wattpad is too big of a platform to stay in one bubble. Visit the forums and talk to people in chats with interests you share or interests you want to learn about. Post on your favorite author’s board about their story and start a rapport. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; there’s always someone willing to help you. You don’t have to be the “perfect” author, trust me. None of us are. Enjoy your journey and your process. Never give up. - @staymelanated

Be unique! It’s no fun if you’re not yourself!! (honestly, I’m just doing this for the wiki editing badge, but it’s helpful advice!) @castlequeen2004

It’ll be tough at first and you’ll struggle many times, threatening to give up.
This is happening to me right now. And yet, I continue to write.
Why? Because I have to. That’s why. @sorcerybookclub

Remember that while writing you are telling a story. Your story. It belongs to you and no one else. It’s right there inside of you. I always say that if you know the beginning, the middle and the end of your story, things will be easier when writing. Trust yourself! @CelesteABrook :heart:

Write what you’d love to read and use anything around you to inspire/ motivate you! Interact with your followers/ readers (a thank you can go a long way) and never give up :slightly_smiling_face: @Azanthiel

Let go of your fears. The day you stop fearing is the day you start writing :slight_smile: @Nablai

Remember that Wattpad is a place to have fun. There’s a lot of daunting books out there that look perfect and neat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t publish a rough draft and ask for feedback. It’s okay to not have the perfect book before you publish. (Though a small round of editing is appreciated) We’re here to have fun, learn, and help each other out. :smile_cat: @sarakbeeksma

Don’t stop writing because people tell you your stories are bad. If I’d posted my first work, I would’ve gotten tons of negative criticism as well. You have to allow yourself to write badly in order to improve. Love, Erin. @ErinIsobelM

Be authentic, own what you write. If you like writing about dogs in space, write about dogs in space. If you like writing romance in coffee shops, write romance in coffee shops. Readers will connect with your story and your characters if you’re passionate, persistent, and consistent with your work. Connect with your readers and hear out others’ opinions. You don’t have follow every bit of advice you may get, but take it with a grain of salt. @Elflia

Keep going! Take every piece of advice with a grain of salt. Remember to write for yourself and not for others; make sure you are getting pleasure from doing this and you aren’t forcing it. This is your art work, you should be having fun, be proud. Though you may need to do some research for certain topics, don’t be afraid to ask questions! ~ @Calmwolf :calmwolf:

Try to make some friends with other writers while you’re here! The encouragement and feedback will make the writing process less like screaming into the void – @KalesReclaim :green_salad:

Remember that popularity does not equal quality, and quality does not equal popularity. There are many very popular wp books that are written badly, and many, many incredibly good books with barely any reads. Just because you might struggle to be noticed doesn’t mean you’re writing is bad. Don’t give up just because no one reads your work @JEHallows

It can be easy to get caught in the endless rat race of accumulating reads and recognition and whatnot, but in the end, there’s nothing to gain from increasing stats. The thing you gain from Wattpad should be a fulfilling, engaging and enjoyable reading and writing experience. As long as you’re writing something meaningful and purposeful and enjoying it, there’s nothing else to worry about. @red-hairedshinobi

-Find a good editing buddy, someone who has strengths you are lacking, someone you can return the favor to. I have one whose strength is action scenes (my weakness). I am returning the favor with copyediting, dialogue, and plot structure (my strengths). I have learned so much this way as a writer, but I have also developed a great friendship I would have never had were it not for Wattpad. - @SapphireAlena

First drafts are always horrible and ugly. Don’t worry about that – it’s the same for everyone. Just remember that the first draft is as bad as the book is ever going to be, and if you keep redrafting, one day you will look at your horrible book and realise that you’ve turned it into something actually quite beautiful. Robin Stevens @Gigibold :revolving_hearts:

Remember mind over matter! If there’s one piece of advice I can give you, it’s not to give up after one try. When it comes to writing; it doesn’t matter if your writing is ‘bad’ because everyone successful started just where you are. They are no different to you fundamentally, they’re still people. The best advice I can offer today isn’t writing or site advice: it’s self help. Wattpad can be a cruel place, but only if you let it be. Cast away the shackles of envy, or resentment, or stress, or worries, and next thing you know, you’ve made friends and are well on your way to becoming not just a better writer, but a valuable member of this community. Take care of yourself, before taking care of your characters. @Arkotract

Wattpad is a place for users to make new friends. Bond over stories you love reading and stories you love writing. And of course, be sure to have fun! Always set yourself goals, as both, a reader and writer, to improve yourself at your time at Wattpad. Take the opportunities Wattpad gives us, to socialise, write for an audience, and read books for free. Many people on Wattpad are lovely and friendle, and like me happy to help anyone that needs any, so pm me whenever you feel like. :wink:
Remember to not worry about your number of followers, but do try to work on your number of reads and votes. Also it’s good to know that many Wattpad users are readers, not writers, so they do not see the need to vote… but writers appreciate votes, so if you read a story enjoy, be sure to give it a like! That’s it from me for now, but I’m sure you’ll se me all over Wattapad community! Take care, bu-bye :smiley: @dollymouse

It’s rather confusing at first, but I’m sure you’ll be amazing once you get into the grove :slight_smile: @AmnerisTenjo

Be kind like Cinderella. It’ll pay off, I swear. :blue_heart: @bidiyakdamian

It’s difficult to get noticed at first but, don’t give up. Wattpad has audience for each and everyone! - Shifana.

Focus on your craft. That is one thing that you can control. There’s a supportive community here that can help you with everything from how to structure a pleasing romance arc to perfecting a blurb to designing your author branding. Reach out! You’ll find support! @KR_Williams

Some people can somehow get 1,000 reads overnight, but others only get that much after a year. To me, it doesn’t matter about the amount of reads, votes, comments or the most significant ranking. It’s about pure enjoyment and that’s all you should worry about :black_heart: @missace123

As a writer, the only advice I want to give you is that you don’t need to hear everyone’s advice, if you feel that your way is better given that you know how the characters are, what the story is, then go for it. Because at the end of the day no one know’s your story quite like you do, they don’t know the characters like you do. Perhaps, that was the way you intended the story to play out as an author. Take advice if you need to, but also stay true to your style. :heart: @PenelopeHartGray

When you desire something badly enough, the entire universe conspires to give it to you — Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist @anupamarrao

Write whatever makes you laugh! For real, write a story that makes you crack up laughing because if it makes you laugh it’s likely to make others laugh. If it makes them laugh they’ll probably tell their friends. And even if nobody reads your story it’s amazing to have a story to look back on that you have only fond memories of because you truly enjoyed writing it!!! @Forever_D_A

What you create is art, share it even if it takes a while to reach the world. Be patient and kind to yourself as a writer, what’s meant for you cannot be taken away. - @pineys

Be the first and biggest fan of yourself and your writing- @dslix :smiley:

Write because you have a story to tell, because you love it and because without writing you won’t feel at peace - you’ll feel incomplete. Write for you, not for others. @Hayley_Kensington


Wow, thank you! This is just what I needed to hear! Great advice!


Muy cierto, gracias por los consejos :wink:


great little tidbits! Loving the site so far.


Thank you for this post that I have just found since signing up.


Hey there :slight_smile: Nice to have you here :slight_smile:

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Awesome advice! Many thanks for taking the time to help newbies like us!


Hey there :slight_smile: Nice to have you with us =]

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These things are really nice to hear, thank you for this. c:


Very supportive advice. Thank you.

Sorry if this sounds like I’m hijacking the thread but I couldn’t find any other post or advice on the matter that made sense, and seemed topic relevant. If you could point me to the right one, that will be appreciated.

What is the etiquette for tagging to competitions and so forth? Is it okay to tag usernames from follow list if you don’t have their explicit permission?

I’m keen to enter competitions/reviews but I’m not clear about the “tagging” criteria on the entry forms. I don’t want to seem like I’m spamming.


What I did personally is I actually sent out a message on the message board to ask if there were any people following me who would like to be tagged in competitions. I had about 5 people respond, which is usually enough for a competition (: So if you try the same, there might be some who would be grateful to you for it.

(I also hate tagging people if I don’t know whether or not they want it, so I totally feel you here)


That’s a great idea. I’ll definitely do that. Thank you. :smile:


This is such a wonderful thread (and so much great advice)!!! It’s so awesome to see everyone coming together and supporting each other like this :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


It’ll be tough at first and you’ll struggle many times, threatening to give up.

This is happening to me right now.

And yet, I continue to write. Why?

Because I have to. That’s why.


Great advice! I think being patient and persistent is most important. You can be motivated but you also need to be disciplined.


It took me a while to be able to just write and post without overthinking. I’m glad to be able to share my work finally. Great advice friends! :wink:


This is awesome advice. Thank you for taking the time to share it.

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Good advice! I will definitely follow.


Good advice. I hope to become an active member of this community - any tips are welcome! I will start posting my first multi-part work on Wattpad tonight - a little nervous!


Good luck! :sparkles:

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