Best advice for new Wattpadders: Add to this Wiki Post!


I’ve only been on Wattpad for a short while and was this morning thinking if it was even worthwhile to put myself out there. I only just discovered the community forums this morning. FATE! Because I was meant to read these encouragements and keep going.
Thanks heaps for all the words you have hear that makes a writer want to keep going. I needed it.


Thank you for all the great advise! I love this site so far!


Welcome! We’re glsd to have you :smile_cat:


Welcome to the community!


Welcome! Glad you enjoyed it :smile_cat:


Welcome! Best of luck on Wattpad :smile_cat:


Thank you! It’s been nice meeting others here. :slight_smile:


Welcome! I’m glad to hear it :smile_cat:


Thanks! Glad to be here.


Alright thanks for the advice! :grin:


Hi! I am kinda lost in the forums since I am new here, so can anyone help me?
First of all, how can I post a link to my story? I tried to share my story in one of the threads but it is just not working. I saw that ads are only allowed on the SYS threads, but what are they?
Second, how do you share your ad in a thread? Do you reply to the pinned comment, or the reply button next to the notification tracker?
Thank you so much!!

  1. Here’s the share your story section #share-your-story (tap/click the hashtag)

  2. Either way is fine, I think. But be sure to read the original post.

Let me know if you have other questions, I’ll try to answer :smile:


@Eaglelily Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

You can have a look at these threads for more info-

Here are the Club Guidelines for you to browse.

You can also ask for help in the Ask the Ambassadors Anything.