Best advice for new Wattpadders: Add to this Wiki Post!

I’ve only been on Wattpad for a short while and was this morning thinking if it was even worthwhile to put myself out there. I only just discovered the community forums this morning. FATE! Because I was meant to read these encouragements and keep going.
Thanks heaps for all the words you have hear that makes a writer want to keep going. I needed it.

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Thank you for all the great advise! I love this site so far!

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Welcome! We’re glsd to have you :smile_cat:

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome! Glad you enjoyed it :smile_cat:

Welcome! Best of luck on Wattpad :smile_cat:

Thank you! It’s been nice meeting others here. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! I’m glad to hear it :smile_cat:

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Thanks! Glad to be here.

Alright thanks for the advice! :grin:

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Hi! I am kinda lost in the forums since I am new here, so can anyone help me?
First of all, how can I post a link to my story? I tried to share my story in one of the threads but it is just not working. I saw that ads are only allowed on the SYS threads, but what are they?
Second, how do you share your ad in a thread? Do you reply to the pinned comment, or the reply button next to the notification tracker?
Thank you so much!!

  1. Here’s the share your story section #share-your-story (tap/click the hashtag)

  2. Either way is fine, I think. But be sure to read the original post.

Let me know if you have other questions, I’ll try to answer :smile:

@Eaglelily Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

You can have a look at these threads for more info-

Here are the Club Guidelines for you to browse.

You can also ask for help in the Ask the Ambassadors Anything.

It can be easy to get caught in the endless rat race of accumulating reads and recognition and whatnot, but in the end, there’s nothing to gain from increasing stats. The thing you gain from Wattpad should be a fulfilling, engaging and enjoyable reading and writing experience. As long as you’re writing something meaningful and enjoying it, there’s nothing else to worry about.


Welcome to the forums! : D

As writers, we see plenty of advice both free and paid for scattered around. Some of it is much more useful than others. You’ll notice there will be many people who will try and tell you what to write. Don’t use this word, don’t use that word! Avoid adverbs like the plague!

You may also hear things like you shouldn’t write fan fiction, poetry or romance because it’s overdone and not original. Everything has taken influence from something before and nothing is truly original. They may say writing is a waste of time cause of the lack of money.

I say you should write what you want from the heart.

How can I add my own bit of advice? It’s not explained in the post except that if you have trust level el 2 you can do it.

@JEHallows Click on the edit given on the far-right. Like this-

Open the post and scroll down to the last message-

Add your advice–> click save edit and it’s done :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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wow these Words works like magic thank you so so much for this motivation because I’m a new writer and I barely find genuine reads and comments so this is really really help full